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Request Graphics Here refresh due 21 Oct

Looking for a cover, a trailer, or any other kind of graphic?: This has been created for people who would like to post specific details of their requirements. Any designer is welcome to respond to the requests. …

5 October 17, 2019
Hiring Thread

Listed below are available positions on group graphic threads, competitions and teaching/tutorial classes. Please only apply if you feel you can meet the manager’s needs . DO NOT reply or ask…

32 October 16, 2019
HTML Playground

Please feel free to test your html codes here. Public test threads will otherwise be closed in the clubs in an attempt to reduce club traffic. This is NOT a promotional thread, you can play around with the …

238 October 16, 2019
Thread Hiding and Closing Service

You may or may not be aware that “do not post” threads are frowned upon because they go against what public forums are all about - public accessibility. They also add clutter to the discussion boards bu…

177 September 30, 2019
MDC Taglist

Welcome to the official MDC tag list. This is the only tag list in the MDC. In this thread you’re able to add your name to this list. Or if you’re in need of a tag list you can easily copy it. :writing_hand: …

40 September 10, 2019
Resource Centre

Welcome to the Resource Centre . This thread has been created for designers to share links to resources they find useful. Any resource is welcome, from free design apps to free online editing suites, …

10 September 4, 2019