Grace Resonator Stadium The Orbital Grand Tournament is held here! Central 27 【Not Authorized】 Inner Sanctum Sinimar eco map re cupaneb lu. Cole oru agen var sarebin! Tacapul amadenot ases lulose; renor boteta bietac anacem ebeto rec sarosim egegalun ete ehiperi. Etena kiteha lesepe leyi. West Azuma Here today, gone tomorrow The Dragon's Roar Hear the Dragon’s Roar. Heed its call… Isako Park Isako Park is a free space for people to meet, communicate, and chat, though all who visit are still expected to follow the rules that govern Neo-Tokyo. Ehime Or is it Kinetico? Neo-Tokyo Info Boards Stop in here for all your information on the city of Neo-Tokyo and get your feet. Kinetico Or is it Ehime? Kiryo Park Nothing new grows without a clear space. The Monolith The door is open to those who obey. Choso Institute Rising above the great city of Neo-Tokyo lies knowledge beyond comprehension. Centuries of histories, discoveries, commentaries, and wars have led to millions of first-hand accounts, textbooks, and scholarly essays. Not only these great documents but also a developing and flourishing world of fiction that ever expands the minds of young and old Neo-Tokyian minds. Grace Resonator Academy The sacred grounds, the infinite learning
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A Game, Broken: A Neo-Tokyo Retrospective

In the greatest climax, and yet the most anti-climatic, a game comes to an end with indecision. A flawless split. Impossible odds. And yet, here we are. Several months of planning and work. A game spanning months of eng…

168 August 20, 2019
To Know The Arbiter [Get to Know Nick From HQ]

With Neo-Tokyo winding down, as promised, I’ll open an AMA about Nick the person because people want to know. I hold many reputations and personas. I am the great evil. Creator of worlds. Educator of the forums. Many t…

356 August 20, 2019
A Final Choice

@neotokyo @Knights_Fox @Knights_Dragon @Knights_Tiger @Kitsune_Syndicate @Ironedge_syndicate @Dawn_Syndicate Two paths lay before you: To report The Order and stop the birth of a new god. Magic will live, but humanity…

2 August 20, 2019
Have You Found Anything?

We’ve identified this Order doing things in the city. We’re unsure of where they’re located or what they’re up to but we know it’s big. I don’t know if you’ve found anything yet. I’m putting a lot of hope in all of you. …

1 August 18, 2019
Welcome to Neo-Tokyo

Welcome to fabulous Neo-Tokyo. Still a vibrant metropolis more than six hundred years since The Rend, Neo-Tokyo boasts great restaurants, exquisite shopping, and the world renowned Grace Resonator Academy for Progress, t…

1 June 20, 2019
Neo-Tokyo Exploration Force

The official Neo-Tokyo theory board and thread. A version of this will need to be continued when space runs out. Tag Nick when created to ensure it is pinned.

5043 August 20, 2019
Project Emote

A place for the downtrodden, the beaten. A place to share in sorrows and lift each other up with communal misery. Stay awhile, have a drink, enjoy the bar. It’s the best I can do since my bookstore got closed…time to t…

392 August 20, 2019
ECPU IX 1968 August 20, 2019
An Arrest Completed

That’ll be enough out of The Order for today. Luckily we got there in time, tipped off by a young woman about Hominibus and their plans. Who would have thought this kind of threat was underneath us all this time? Goes t…

2 August 20, 2019
Repository Maintenance Team 298 August 19, 2019
A whisper on the dying winds of the net... 40 August 19, 2019
Looking for new friends 52 August 18, 2019
ECPU VIII 10003 August 18, 2019
The Gathering Storm 16 August 18, 2019
The Quiet Door

A doorway with a keycard slot. It won’t open. Looks like it needs a verbal keycode…

9 August 18, 2019
Through them... 2 August 18, 2019
A Secluded Space 2 August 18, 2019
The Chocolate Shop [Moving Day] 50 August 18, 2019
The Badlands 7 August 18, 2019
To Overthrow Authority 8 August 18, 2019
Tomorrow is so far away... Haberdashery 39 August 18, 2019
A Call to the Curious

When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving? What belongs to you, but other people use it more than you? What gets larger as you subtract? This thing all things devours; Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, b…

11 August 18, 2019
The Fox's Den

Where rumour is drawn like a moth to the flame

219 August 18, 2019
In a Dark Alley 4 August 18, 2019
The Chocolate Shop [Moved to West Azuma] 170 August 18, 2019
The Way of the Goat 9 August 18, 2019
Taking a Stroll Through Kiryo Park 25 August 18, 2019
Monolith Inner Gate 38 August 17, 2019
Psst... 1 August 17, 2019
Headmaster's Office

The door is always open, even if the headmaster isn’t always present. [image needed]

156 August 17, 2019