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Critiques and feedback Use this space to offer your critique services. Here is also where you will advertise your critique service and feedback groups–just be sure to tag your listing correctly. <strong>Request threads are not allowed–only offers</strong> Writing Groups Do you want to form a writer’s group? Are you a member of a writer’s group and want to add more members? You can host your group here! Book clubs Reading is fun. Do it with friends. General Help and Marketing Interested in attracting more readers? Here you can find help with your blurb, profile, and actions on Wattpad to get more people reading your stories. Co-Writer/Writing Buddies Do you want to work one on one with another writer? This is the place where you can request a co-writer, or a writing buddy. Covers and graphics Need a cover for your story? Want a banner made? Check out amazing artists here. Beta Readers Needed Do you have a completed story and need beta readers? Then this is place for you! Book trailers Make your story cinematic. Editing Looking for a wordsmith to whip your plot into shape? Need a second eye to smooth out your grammar? Find that person here.
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