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App & Site Feedback Have you thought up a cool new feature that you think would better your Wattpad experience, but don’t know how to get someone from HQ to notice? Have some thoughts on a new feature we’ve already put out and want to share it with us? Welcome to Wattpad App & Site Feedback! Community Forums feedback We’re here to help. This is your spot for requesting forum features, venting about bugs, asking questions and getting support. New to Wattpad or the Forums? Whether writer or reader, check in here to kickstart your Wattpad journey. Research Hey there and welcome to the Wattpad Research category!
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About the Wattpad Feedback and News category 70 March 30, 2019
Chapter Order Shuffled 1 September 23, 2019
Persistent glitch report: Multiple new story posts getting no views whatsoever. 44 September 23, 2019
Seriously needing help!!! 18 September 23, 2019
Strange Pop-Up 2 September 23, 2019
Improving Accessibility at Wattpad - From Wattpad HQ

Hi all, Lady of the Axolotls here! I promised some of you that there’d be chances to participate in research with me, and the time has come. My first big research undertaking is making Wattpad more accessible for our u…

196 September 22, 2019
What's your favorite thing about Wattpad 40 September 22, 2019
Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick 680 September 21, 2019
Ranking System Failure and Extreme Reader Drop Off 6 September 21, 2019
Okay, I think it's fixed! Thanks everyone :) 13 September 21, 2019
So, iOS has Dark Mode now... 17 September 20, 2019
Offsite Links: Allowed or Not Allowed? 74 September 20, 2019
Opt Out of Comment Notifications 10 September 20, 2019
Can I somehow see who does my 1000th read? 10 September 20, 2019
Does "Share Your Story" Work? 90 September 20, 2019
Wattpad is having an attitude. 42 September 19, 2019
Can private reading lists be a thing? 50 September 19, 2019
How to STAND OUT? 28 September 19, 2019
Reaching voting limit on threads? [Help] 7 September 19, 2019
Paid Stories Update ft Nick 583 September 19, 2019
Cracking the Wattpad Ranking system 47 September 19, 2019
Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work

Hey everyone! This is a primer on the Trust Levels in these forums. We have four trust levels that range from 0 - 3. We have some latitude in what we require for the different trust levels and they may be changed as w…

872 September 19, 2019
How to post surveys? 3 September 18, 2019
A Sub-forum for Spanish speaking writers and readers 28 September 18, 2019
Username on community form is different from user name elsewhere 3 September 18, 2019
[GLITCH?] PAGES NOT UPDATED 10 September 17, 2019
Wattpad Stars program AMA with Samantha 692 September 17, 2019
A guide to the new threads

              e e v e e ’ s   g u i d e   t o the new forums

166 September 17, 2019
Comic Books/Comics on Wattpad 18 September 17, 2019
Log out button disappearance 15 September 16, 2019