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Updated thread: Earning Coins for Paid Stories

Hi all! It’s me again with an exciting update: On September 30th we launched a test that introduced a way to earn coins. Starting today all Wattpadders in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can earn …

115 December 5, 2019
Has Considerado Ser Moderador? Información Aquí!

Hola, Wattpaders de habla hispana! Si no me conocen, hola! Soy Samuel, uno de los moderadores de foro. Mucho gusto :sam_le_fou: Estoy posteando por aquí para preguntarles: Alguna vez han considerado ser moderadores? P…

8 December 5, 2019
Submissions to join the Wattpad Ambassadors are now OPEN!

Interested in joining the Ambassador team or want to know more about them? There’s some info here on the Ambassadors profile here and a link to the Submissions form. Our next traini…

101 December 5, 2019
Requirements for Paid Stories

Hey there! Paid Stories has previously stated some requirements for stories publicly. We’ve updated those requirements and want to help inform the broader public what we’re looking for, what to build towards, and how to…

590 November 30, 2019
About the Wattpad Feedback and News category 70 March 30, 2019
Introducing: Story Insights! 119 December 6, 2019
This chat is for you who have || UNPUBLISHED STORIES || 103 December 6, 2019
What's your opinion on commenting and in-line comments 55 December 5, 2019
Have you considered being a forum moderator?

Hey everyone, If you haven’t met me yet, I’m the head of the Community ambassador team, otherwise known as the forum moderators. :wave: I’m posting this in case any of you have considered joining the Community team. W…

241 December 5, 2019
wattpad writing styles 25 December 5, 2019
:rotating_light: WARNING :rotating_light: Could be damaging to ignorance. :warning: Enter at your own risk!:warning: UPDATED!

Important things to know and remember, about proper forum use and behavior, whether you’re a noob or have been around awhile. All Community Mods Are Ambassadors. But not all Ambassadors are Community Amba…

4 December 5, 2019
The New Offline Reading Experience 580 December 5, 2019
Please Add A Wattpad Dark Mode 9 December 5, 2019
Possible way to get rid of the spammers and weirdos who think this is a dating site? 57 December 5, 2019
Book cover 3 December 5, 2019
Stray Chapters 17 December 5, 2019
What's your opinion on Wattpad Story Insights? 210 December 5, 2019
Llamando a Todos los Wattpaders de Habla Hispana - Nueva Sección de SYS para historias en Español! 38 December 4, 2019
Messaging accounts 31 December 4, 2019
Why Can't I Add Cast on Wattpad? 13 December 4, 2019
Posting My First Book: Where Do I Start? 13 December 3, 2019
Delete Account 13 December 3, 2019
Güven Seviyeleri: Bunlar nedir ve nasıl çalışır

Herkese merhaba! Bu yazı forumlardaki Güven Seviyeleri ile ilgili ilk yazıdır. 0’dan 3’e kadar olmak üzere dört güven seviyemiz bulunmaktadır. Farklı güven seviyeleri için yapılması gerekenler vardır ve bu forumları kul…

2 December 3, 2019
Wattpad, what do you think about these restrictions? 27 November 29, 2019
New Limit on Offline Stories 328 December 3, 2019
Author Mindsets on Story Traction: POLL 33 December 3, 2019
Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work

Hey everyone! This is a primer on the Trust Levels in these forums. We have four trust levels that range from 0 - 3. We have some latitude in what we require for the different trust levels and they may be changed as w…

915 December 2, 2019
Weird white bar 7 December 2, 2019
Reading offline feature 180 December 1, 2019
Small Irritation with "Undiscovered Stories" 59 December 1, 2019