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Wattpad Premium goes global

Hey Wattpadders :wave: The Premium team is excited to share that you can now supercharge your Wattpad experience with Premium, wherever you are in the world. When you subscribe to Premium, you’ll gain instant access to…

12 July 19, 2019
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IS there a place where I can see stories I've commented on if I didn't add to library 5 July 22, 2019
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Does anyone else wish that Wattpad gave the option of publishing your story in a book? 2 July 21, 2019
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A Multiple Account Option 23 July 20, 2019
Highlighting Letters Issue/FeedBack/Idea 4 July 20, 2019
Flags :white_flag: and How to Use Them :nerd:

Hello! :sunflower: and welcome to the :wattpad:attpad Community Forums/Clubs! This space is an open, friendly environment where you can come to chat to other writers and readers, socialise, make friends, and find help w…

14 July 20, 2019
Unlisted Books? 10 July 20, 2019
Add the ‘don’t recommend again’ button to Orange WP 84 July 20, 2019
Following or "adding" reading list from others users 6 July 20, 2019
Can there be separate profiles that follow different groups of users such as ambassadors, stars and paid story writers? 2 July 19, 2019
Updates for Wattpad Desktop app. 23 July 19, 2019
Is there a German speaking Community/Topic? Gibt es eine deutschsprachige Community? 26 July 19, 2019
a bunch of people @ wattpad are looking at this right now RIGHT THIS MINUTE 72 May 1, 2019
Mod help please - what does Robot Ambassador 'start new user' feature do? 23 July 19, 2019
Advanced user tutorial 173 July 19, 2019