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Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work

Hey everyone! This is a primer on the Trust Levels in these forums. We have four trust levels that range from 0 - 3. We have some latitude in what we require for the different trust levels and they may be changed as w…

1017 March 27, 2020
Offsite Links: Allowed or Not Allowed?

Hey everyone! Do you often wonder what links to sites off Wattpad are allowed? Here is your handy guide to what links you can post in the forums and which ones you can’t. ~Allowed~ Links to social media sites - Twit…

108 March 27, 2020
Was sind Akzeptanzlevel aka Trust Levels?

Hallo allerseits :smile:! Das ist ein kurzer Überblick über die Akzeptanzlevel in diesem Forum. Es gibt insgesamt vier Level von 0 - 3. Wir haben etwas Spielraum mit den Voraussetzungen für diese Akzeptanzlevel u…

3 March 25, 2020
Club Guidelines and Rules Mega Thread - Everything you wanted to know, now in one place!

If you’re new to the forums or have been here a while and want to refresh your memory of what is and isn’t allowed, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to advertise your story, find writing advice, offer …

15 March 20, 2020
A guide to the new threads

              e e v e e ’ s   g u i d e   t o the new forums

189 February 26, 2020
:rotating_light: WARNING :rotating_light: Could be damaging to ignorance. :warning: Enter at your own risk!:warning: UPDATED!

Important things to know and remember, about proper forum use and behavior, whether you’re a noob or have been around awhile. All Community Mods Are Ambassadors. But not all Ambassadors are Community Am…

10 February 16, 2020
Flags :white_flag: and How to Use Them :nerd:

Hello! :sunflower: and welcome to the :wattpad:attpad Community Forums/Clubs! This space is an open, friendly environment where you can come to chat to other writers and readers, socialise, make friends, and find help w…

26 February 2, 2020
About the New 'Solution' Feature

The New 'Solution' Feature Hey everyone! :wave: Here to explain a little about a newly implemented forums feature. So what is the 'Solution' feature? The solution button is a new feature in some of the forum’…

44 February 3, 2020
Güven Seviyeleri: Bunlar nedir ve nasıl çalışır

Herkese merhaba! Bu yazı forumlardaki Güven Seviyeleri ile ilgili ilk yazıdır. 0’dan 3’e kadar olmak üzere dört güven seviyemiz bulunmaktadır. Farklı güven seviyeleri için yapılması gerekenler vardır ve bu forumları kul…

2 December 3, 2019

¡Hola a todos! Este es un manual sobre los niveles de confianza en estos foros. Tenemos cuatro niveles de confianza que van de 0 a 3. Tenemos cierto criterio en lo que necesitamos para los diferentes niveles de confian…

3 April 15, 2019
The Club Guidelines

How To Get The Most From The Genre/Category Clubs If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to ask one of our Community Ambassadors (club moderators) here. Please help make Wattpad a f…

4 November 19, 2018
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