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Welcome Welcome , to 10,000 Emerald Pools (credit to AnneCullen3 for the thread design), based on the BORNS song. I will be offering covers, outfits, aesthetics/moodboards, and character cards with some premades, and playlists, etc. Rules are simple. Provide ideas, and be specific when requesting a playlist because I will not be redoing it every five minutes (this also applies to covers and any other graphic). Payment first except for free weekends. I can’t help it if I’m late with deliveries (usually between 3-7 days). No threadhopping. Payment is one of the following:
2+ lined comment on any story of mine you would like to read or a follow. Credit is mandatory. Password is “dive down deeper”.


queue & extrasbyefromhell // 7 // aesthetic // delivered
skyelines // 9 //playlist // delivered

thread status: open

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thread is now open for minimal and simple covers only

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To see the text better, change the setting to “light”.



Requesting an Aesthetic

• 3x6 or 3x9: 3x6

• color scheme: colors

• specific items: a girly dagger, pink dress,

• ideas: a dangerous girl, knives and pink dresses, girly and dangerous (maybe a quote?), pink heels, battle axe, etc (tell me if you need more!)

• password/Other: “dive down deeper”.

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Accepted. It’s the weekend so it’s free.

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Requesting a Playlist:

• type Story

• title : Atlas

• author : skyelines

• brief summary : It’s been ninety-seven years since a nuclear apocalypse struck Earth, leaving the planet simmering in radiation. Fortunately, there were survivors.

Some of them were stuck up in space, not knowing when it would be safe to return. Others adapted to the new environment on Earth and started an entire new civilization.

But one survivor of this nuclear war is determined to figure out why she is the only one of seventy-five to wake up from a hyper sleep one hundred years early.

• character description * My main character is very cautious and head strong. She was a scientist before the bombs so she’s also very intelligant. Her love interest, Bellamy Blake, is restless and very protective of the people that he loves.

• genre/mood : fanfiction (The 100) thriller/ mystery/romance

• artists/songs to be included : the four main songs are Thousand Eyes by Of Monsters and Men, Something to Believe in by Young the Giant, Wicked Game by Ursine Vulpine, and Crazy in Love by Sofia Karlberg

• artists/songs to be avoided : Really anything that is super upbeat lol this story has a darker/ more intense mood

• cover ideas : Something with a compass or a map since the title is Atlas. For colors I was thinking red/black/dark blue or any darker colors

• password/Other : “dive down deeper”

Thank you!

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Accepted. It’s Sunday so graphics are still free.

Do you have any images as an example?

here’s some!
>this but pink

I can work with those. I’ve been trying to find images and didn’t have an exact idea of what to do.

great! tell me if you need any more

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All graphics to be delivered tonight

Here’s a preview of your aesthetic. Let me know if you want anything changed.

looks awesome!

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Thank you!

Playlist to be delivered tonight or tomorrow evening

Okay thank you!

Sorry for the delay! I was busy and hit a snag with the cover (can’t upload it because I am out of data but I can go to the library tomorrow and upload it to Spotify then).

But for now, here is your playlist:

And here is a preview of the cover image

If you want ANYTHING changed, let me know, and I will happily do so.

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