16k Short Story Beta needed READ 4 READ

I need a beta reader for a completed story.


Phil lives underground with his father who is a miner. Till now, Phil’s father has taken several dangerous jobs and scrounged (going so far as to sell their water allotment) to pay for Phil’s training. The goal? To give Phil a sliver of a chance to become an enforcer; this will ensure he’s never exiled to the surface which is a hellscape. But Phil has no interest in fighting.

In steps his idol, a brooding starlet Phil fantasizes about. She’s looking for help for her plays. If Phil forgets the blood sweat and tears his father’s put in over the years, he can get a shot at something more. What she offers is an opportunity too good to pass up. Phil can’t resign himself to die an impoverished miner’s son

He’s determined to live like the ‘better half.’ Now if he can just hold on.

Any takers?

Sure I’ll do it.

Now I’m dying to know what you said.

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Thank you. I’ll contact you.

Haha, I put the wrong comment in. Sorry. Yes, I’m game to help

Lovely. I’ll contact you. Thank you.

Any takers?