"ᴡᴡᴡ.18sexy.be" Usernames?

For some reasons I found many accounts have this “ᴡᴡᴡ.18sexy.be” name and I am not sure if someone is hacking or whatever to change their names.


this are hacked accounts please report



I’ve been followed by them as well. As everyone says, report them and if necessarily, mute as well. From what i’ve heard, the links in their bios seem to be porn sites.



i too

Okay, will do so!
The other thread seems to be locked so I’m posting the question here if that is alright.
Is there’s any chance that they will get into our account to change our name or do something to our drafts/stories? I am rather worried since I know one of the writer I follow wouldn’t ever change their username since they went inactive for a really long time (even on another platform)

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Hi, Gabby from Support here! :wave:

If you see an account with any suspicious activity/content (like the ones you mentioned), please report them so that a trusted Wattpad agent can review the account and take the appropriate action! It’s really helpful for us when investigating these kinds of strange occurrences. Reporting them helps us keep on top of keeping our community safe! You can learn more about how to report a user here .

If you have any questions, let me know. :blush:


I just mute and report them as spam accounts as I see them.

I have one that’s a borderline case, because they seem kind of spammy, and yet they do have a book published.

Also as a programmer: Oh man, what abuse of machine learning.O_o When they could be building companion robots for their elderly.

It doesn’t seem like a one person operation.


I am not sure. But if you give out your password, there is definitely a high chance someone will hack your account.

I will change my password to a more complex and unique one as there’s a high chance they are obtaining passwords without the owner knowing.

This is just a guess but the people operating this is probably advertising the link “www.18sexy.be” so that more people can fall for their trap (perhaps to get to their details stored in the device). I think Wattpad should warn people not to go to any suspicious links such as “www.18sexy.be” so lesser people will fall into their trap.

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That’s now closed and don’t recommend now. Just following Gabby’s message is all we need to do :smiley:


Ok :+1:t3:

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18sexy appears to be a toxic porn domain. None of the “users” under it or their clones (below) have Bios, post work, or generate reads. The domain should likely be classed as such, and registrations from it banned. Any real individuals can easily apply from legitimate accounts.

In addition to the .be domain, there are also variants such as

report on sight, they smell funny


So when I reported one, I got a response saying Wattpad is probably aware of the issue and they’ve auto closed the ticket. Does that mean the account was already reported?

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Please send a bug report as the report shouldn’t get auto closed

That’s an automatic response. Please send a ticket stating the same here-

Some people these are bots and following your account. I generally report them. Its too irritating when more than one shows up!


Thank you all so much for letting us know. As of now, the folks at Wattpad HQ are aware of these accounts and currently working towards a solution. So, no need to report them for now as they are on top of this issue. As always, if you have any questions please let us know!

I’m going to close this thread, since it’s served it’s purpose.
Thank you for your understanding
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