20th century twists to fantasy?

I’ve had a concept in mind that uses a lot of early 20th century firearms (1900-1930’s). I always wanted to write a piece where magic is rare if not non-exsistant, same time the thought is that people wouldn’t consider it fantasy when I mention the humanity of the work uses realistic weapons atop of interacting with focal lore creatures.

So I’d like to know how others feel about giving twists of our history to the format. Mainly want to do this out of crazy dreams I had over the past years.

Sounds like it could potentially be something along the lines of Historical Fantasy. Happens all the time.

Definitely do it! Sounds super interesting and it won’t be the first story set in this era - and it definitely won’t be the last :smile:

I definitely want to go through with it. Just need to iron out the concept into something workable.

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Are you basing it in the real world or a fictional one?

A fictional one, just using the weaponry as a visual reference. Saw several Manga and such using this format, reason the idea stuck to me.

One of my favorite books is about a werewolf who was a spy during WWll. Go for it!

A werewolf spy in WW2, not familiar with that one. May seek it out one day, thank you.

It was an old paperback. I’ll try and find author and title for you after work.

Magic weed XD

Well WWI did happen in that time frame. So maybe a fantasy WWI? Would love to see that.

Well you are talking about pulp era fiction, where that was quite common. There is a caderie of writers that still like to write in that mode. Write what you like.