22 & older friendly chat for writers & reader

I’ve been off from wattpad for a few months and well just wanted to make friends and just get to talk to peers around my same age about anything or everything . Anyone out there?!


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Hi :slight_smile:

Not exactly 22, little older (like ten years), does that count?
(Have to go to work in like 10 minutes, so I’ll just leave this here hanging).



Hey there!!!

Hey sure it counts!!

And don’t worry!!


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Hey there!! Nm here just trying to make new friends and just have a nice conversation

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Older than 22 but I like getting to know people and having nice conversations. So hello there.

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Well hello! I think you have come to the right place fellow wattpad mate!

I’ve been around for a couple of weeks here. Actually I’m on a vacation. Which is ending in like two days lol

Ohhh cool! That’s nice I hope u have been enjoying ur vacations so far! Are u a reader or writer or a bit of both or none?!

I am mainly a writer but I read too. What about yourself?

I’m a bit of both yet lately I’m none :sweat_smile: mainly Cuz of work and life.

Lately I’m none both because of vacation but I’m dying to get on my keyboard and write. I also miss my friends. I’ve cut off most social media during my vacations.

How’s your day going?

I’m 23 and I like making friends how are you?

Haha yes it’s a shareable feeling! At times I catch myself creating so many ideas and thoughts and somehow try to write then down in my mind and tell myself I’ll write it down soon enough yet it doesn’t but I try to do it at least once a week.

So far it’s been good! And urs?!

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Hey there welcome!! I also enjoy making friends. Btw I’m Andrea yet most of my friends call me Angel, you can call me either or I don’t mind.

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