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Title: Dragonette

Subtitle: n/a

Author: Kelsey Wright

Short Summary: (current summary is a work in progress). Gabriella has a reckless one night stand with her ex. Condoms break and words re-collide. Gabriella finds out Reid isn’t who she thought he was. A dragon shifter, Reid isn’t human. Neither is the baby she’s carrying. Gabriella must make a decision: sacrifice herself for her baby, or her baby will die.Dragon’s bodies run hotter and Gabriella is too human to withstand the baby growing at an accelerated rate and temperature inside of her

Genre: fantasy

Colours/Mood: colours: darker tones, maybe reds to symbolise dragon’s fire

Ideas (at least one): 1. I would love a woman on the cover. She’s a dark haired woman (other details aren’t as important) and I would love a dragon in the background of a forest or mountained area. 2. As shown in the first Inspo link below, a couple on the cover with fire/ashes. 3. A man with his back on display and a dragon tattoo on his body. (If you need anymore details let me know).

Inspo (other similar graphics + have at least one): https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/838373286863938076/ https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/798403840167343803/ (love this but less ice-y). I also LOVE your dragon cover in your examples!

Anything Else: XPLR


Please complete payment.

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Thank you, do you want to be credited in description now as well? :slightly_smiling_face:

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After I deliver the cover.

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I’ve completed payment :relaxed:

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b u m p

Title: [Irresistible Illusion]

Subtitle: [George Weasley]

Author: [SnowyDragon12]

Short Summary: [Sydney O’Connor has always been bestfriends with the Weasley twins for as long as she can remember. Enter Fifth Year, Sydney has a lot on her plate, work(to help support her family after her parent’s divorce), Quidditch Practice, and Studying for the O.W.Ls so she can get into the N.E.W.T level classes that are required for her future career path. With all of this stress, and not to mention the common teenage drama that also intaines, she is too stressed to the max to even think about boyfriends. But for George Weasley getting Sydney to love him is his number one goal that he will not fail. He has been through everything with her, and he knows she must love him back, so how can he convince her that she should add him to her busy schedule.]

Genre: [Romance/Fanfiction]

Colours/Mood: [Light/Happy]

Ideas (at least one): [ Two people on the cover embracing maybe?]

Inspo (other similar graphics + have at least one): Hogwarts Silhouette(Sorry it wont let me post a link

Anything Else: [ Total Creative Freedom on this one for you really lol. I just don’t like the cover that I currently have, and would like something that would catch a browsers eye, to stop browsing and actually read the story]


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^^^Sorry it wouldn’t let me do it normally or post links to the photos lol I tried my best


That’s alright. Did you try downloading the image then uploading it here?
And for your cover, let me see what I can do. Don’t complete payment quite yet. I’m going to try something then let you know.


Title: [T H A L E A]

Subtitle: [N/A]

Author: [XoJadaWoods]

Short Summary: [Thalea Grace never thought her soul would be the most prized possession in the universe until she met the Winchester boys and they practically screwed her 10 ways to hell.]

Genre: [Supernatural]

Colours/Mood: [Red, devilish]

Ideas (at least one): [(Abigail Cowen) Thalea standing in front of red wings, or a giant pentagram from the tv show supernatural. Or Abigail Cowen standing in red mist in front of impala?]

Inspo (other similar graphics + have at least one): [77e08582273a6a9fb332f74231d0c10f d241a3f221f19685293be77d44e7a734 ]

Anything Else: [xplr]

Alright thank you so much!

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Please complete the first part of payment (follow). Also, for the pentagram, is it the one attached below or a different one?

This Pentagram?


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Yea basically like that one

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@WarriorWriter Here’s your cover. Let me know if you’d like any changes.
Don’t forget to credit if you’re going to use it. Thanks for requesting. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I’m working on your cover right now. Can you elaborate a bit more when you say Hogwarts silhouette?

@angestria Like the Hogwarts Castle Silhouette

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Got it, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much. No changes, I love it! :heart_eyes:

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