300 Words a Day Challenge | #300Words




I’ve decided to set myself a challenge for the new year… write 300 words a day. 300 words may not seem like much, but with busy schedules, writer’s block, and my tendency to write VERY, VERY slow (with lots of editing, sentence restructure -dw, i enjoy it, lol).

I thought it would be cool to have a place where people can participate and encourage others to write 300 words a day, or whatever goal you want to set yourself.

I’ve picked 300 words because i like the small size, and it means I can either write it in a short period of time that day, or spend a little bit of time editing + writing it, depending on my mood and inspo.

If you write 300 words a day, you’ll write 2100 in a week. 8,400 words in a month. that’s 109,200 words in a year if im correct. That’s over the length of the average book - and obviously there will be days you wont be able to write, or wont feel like writing. That’s perfectly okay too.

the point is that you write as often as you can, without feeling the need to write huge chunks in one sitting.

are you in?


Let's build ourselves a Short Story community!




Just asking, is the name of the club intentionally chosen?


just because i said my target goal was 300 words lol, never heard of the 300 club.


I’ll join!


Save for a day or two in a couple weeks when I will be drugged up and definitely shouldn’t be writing, I think this would be a wonderful goal that I would never be able to achieve bc I have the dedication of a leaf to a tree in the fall.






maybe ill actually write something lool


I’m in!


Today I wrote 300 words =)


you are out by 300 words, it’s 109,500


I did my 300 words too.


And me!


That’s a good goal and, I think, the real trick to writing (and completing) books: just a little bit each day. I generally write between 300 - 500 words a day. If I have a deadline, or I’m really motivated, I can write up to 1,000 words, but that’s fairly rare. Good luck!


having a small wordcount is not as anxiety-riddles as thinking ive got to write a chapter in one sitting haha


yay, congrats =)


i’ll join!


Count me in :slight_smile:
I’ve been trying to start a new work and I feel like this will be the external boost I need to really buckle down and write something.


Sometimes that anxiety and stress gets me through it, lol. I need to write a chapter for today since I promised I’d hop to it.