300 Words a Day Challenge | #300Words



Its 11:30 but I got my 300 before 12 so it still counts I guess :joy:


I missed a couple of days due to deadlines at work, but the app I use recalculates my word target if I skip a day. All caught back up again. :smile:



anyone feel like once they set a goal/task they can’t move on until they complete it?
like i said to myself i’d write the new summary of my book. I’ve been stuck on it, but im determined to write a new one and i know i wont write again until ive got a new summary bc im stubborn lol


I think I’ll take it. There are some days I can manage to write 2,000 words but I’m on holidays, when school starts, I’ll have less time. I’ll take the 300 words challenge :smiley:


i used to be able to write 2000 words in a day – in fact one day I wrote chapter 7, 8, 9 and the final chapter, 10 in one day. all ranging from 1500- 2000 words lol.

not anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, happens. In a busy day I usually write on any free moment. I go to school and lmao, we can’t use phones so I go to the bathroom and write like five minutes.


Okay I did it last night. Now for today! I can do it!


Its actually a good idea


Me too, I wrote 300+ words today


Didn’t get my 300 yesterday as I was roughly outlining,

hoping to get 600+ today


Was’nt able to write 300 words yesterday, so I wrote 600+ today :smile:


Passed 300 yesterday but forgot to post about to :sweat_smile: hoping to hit it again today!


I dont know if Im spamming the thread if I post everyday I hit 300 :joy:


I mean, we have ten or so thousand posts before it’s over, so I think it’d be okay if you post! unless *I’m spamming by posing :scream:


We’ll just spam together if we are :joy::joy: even if we reach the limit there can always be another thread right?




After a bit of a wobble at the 280 word mark I finally got there. :smile:



Starting my 300 for today at :32


I am in!


BOOM! 300 done at :56

time taken 24 minutes