300 Words a Day Challenge | #300Words



I wont get my 300s today because I have do do lots of schoolstuff… :confused:


Last two days have been incredibly rough. Couldn’t write a dang thing. Only today have I written anything, but it only amounts to 203 words! :weary:


sadly, i havent written anything in a while. I’ve had other priorities.

Hoping to get back into it again Thursday when things cool down and my dad returns to work (I find i cant write in my bedroom anymore lol. My dad’s taking up the space I like to write in, and im not going to write while he’s there :stuck_out_tongue: )


I’m joining!

I’ve been trying to find the perfect daily word count that could help me finish my first draft, so I went with 500 words to start off this year. However, 300 words doesn’t seem that bad, and it’s close to my word count! I guess I’ll give it a shot, I already have 210 and words done for today!


Also if anyone here is lacking motivation and in need of a friendly push, feel free to check out this thread I created!


Got about 1.25k words written today (which is pretty good considering I procrastinated so much) and would like to write more, but it’s getting late but I’ve got lots to do tomorrow, including the whole work thing.


I’ve only written 800 words, and I’m WAY behind on my word quota, but I just finished a chapter of my novel, and that totally makes up for the hell of the last 3 days of no writing!


It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who has off days and busy days when even 300 words is out of reach. :slightly_smiling_face:


I keep forgetting to check in and say I’ve been writing.


Ah, man I am behind by two days! I had a visit from family that seemed to last forever. Okay 900 words for today. Lol. I could do NANO, I can do this.


Woha, I did it! I wrote one short story. :grin:

But in one thing I think I have to practice a bit more: I wrote 901 words. That drives me crazy in this moment! :exploding_head:


I might have my first day that I don’t get to the word quota. Today’s just… not going great.


Another day, another update.
How’s everyone going with their book?


I’m just about to get started writing! How about yourself?


I have a few Im writing for the challenge but its going good! Pretty sure Ive listened to the song that reminds me of the story Im writing today five thousand times though :joy: Hows your writing going?


That’s awesome :smiley: What’s your book about? I just found my notebook, so I can actually start now.


How many? :o

LOL what’s the song? I always listen to twenty one pilots when I’m writing so I’d love/hate to know how many times I’ve heard their music. I’m just about to start - I have some readers poking me about updates so I’m feeling ready to kick butt and get things done :smiley:


Mythical creatures that play instruments :slight_smile: Sounds VERY wild, but it’s actually really cool


Different is good ;D


Definitely lol