300 Words a Day Challenge | #300Words



What story are you current working on?


I dont post on wattpad so I dont have to update anything.I currently have 6 but one is hardly worked on because its just a story to fall back on if the others get too depressing and I want a break.I go back and forth between the main focus.Currently Im writing a story about sirens and pirates.
Also Something Wild by Lindsey Stirling.

Its been my jam (does anyone use that word anymore?)) for this story which is called The Seven Seas,
Good luck on your writing session by the way.


Do you ever have those moments when your character is really happy but as the writer youre like ‘This is gonna go downhill real fast and now I feel bad’ because Im currently doing that with this story.


I just finished off today’s 300 words, and the words are really adding up!


I’m bouncing between two novels, Roots (which is a plant themed romance novel) and That Wasn’t Supposed To Happen (student teacher love story). TWSTH is close to the end whereas Roots is getting there. So excited to finish them – l love that sense of accomplishment when a story is complete.

Yesss! The words do add up quick :smiley:


Fair enough :smiley: If I didn’t need to update, I wonder how much writing I would get done, lol.

Ohh, sounds good! I recently watched Tidelands and so I’ve been getting into books about sirens. I LOVE her music, so I can see why you’re obsessed with this song.


Ive had an obsession with sirens lately and this one is becoming my favorite siren ((well and pirate since one of the main characters ((the currently more main character right now if that makes sense)) is a pirate not a siren)) idea Ive had.I feel like Im becoming that person who rambles about their story ideas in every forum thread but basically its about a siren king who aboards a pirate ship because he’s lost items that are important to his kingdom and sirens in generally.I feel like thats a vague description because theres so much more that happens along the way but its the best I could think of to describe my story right now :joy:


Also Ive been wanting to read your story Roots because of its aesthetic but I havent gotten around to it for some odd reason.Ill have to read it soon :slight_smile:


I haven’t been on many threads as of late, so you’re all good. It sounds cool, though :slight_smile: I like the fact he has to find things, gives it a nice mystery aspect!

Aha, thanks! People do seem to love the asthetics.


I think 300 words is a good target, I use 300 words each session. Since Monday, I wrote each day 2100 words. For today, I’m already clocking in at 900 and it’s only 7:10 am :speak_no_evil:


maaan, i think ive hit my writing 300 goal like once this year so far lol. at least it’s got other people writing. Hoping to kick myself in the butt and get going again.

applying for jobs, writing job applicatoins and selection criteria is more draining than i thought lol. Plus my dad goes back to work tomorrow so ill have the house to myself again… peace and quite!


Having written flash fiction in the past I have been here many times. See if there’s an ‘and’ anywhere you can replace with a comma. Alternatively, write another 99 words. :rofl:


We’re only nine days into the year and you’ve been busy with life, tis okay :slight_smile:


still think ive done better then last year haha!


Another day done. :grinning:



I’ve only got two chapters done in the last few days, hoping to do one before 8 tonight! It’s 6:15 as I write this.


Ah, that’s awesome :slight_smile: Good luck!


Did you make it?


I did!


Ive still gotta do my words but Im starting a writing session now.