300 Words a Day Challenge | #300Words





Question, what type of program are you using for your stats? Is it a feature on here?


Just finished my 300 words! I’m currently on a three day streak lol


For writing without any idea what might happen next, I find it a miracle that I ended up with 500 words written.


It’s not Wattpad, no. It’s Dabblewriter. It’s a subscription novel writing app, but there are free word count trackers out there.


Ooo nice, thanks for letting me know :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m going to have to say I can’t make 300 words again, swamped with school work :frowning:


Wrote 1.1k words to a previous chapter just to create a reason for me to continue on with my current chapter. Retroactive writing can get me out of writing myself into a corner, thank God.


Im quite busy today so I’m writing in the car to get my words :joy::joy:
Also I’m a passenger not the driver btw


Wrote 1.7 words. I’m exhausted.


Ooooh, sounds cool


Me neither today. I’m having one of my periodic bouts of insomnia. :tired_face::sleeping:


this sounds like a really good idea!


I haven’t written anything for like four days :flushed: because I just finished all my stuff and idk what to start next


Having said earlier that i didn’t have the energy to write, the 500 word weekend write in prompt went up a few hours ago and it must have struck a chord, because I did 350 words in half an hour and published it straight away.

If anyone else wants to join the Weekend Write In the threads are:

Prompt: https://www.wattpadwriters.com/t/the-500-word-weekend-write-in
Discussion: The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Whooo, today I wrote around 1000 words. I dindn’t Count them so exactly…


Ive written 291 but Im exhausted and still have a few more to go.Thats only like a sentence left so Im not sure why my brain doesnt want to write it.


Is there a hardmode? I’m not happy unless I do 1,000 words in a day. There are days where I skip of course, so I’m a little inconsistent, but on days I write I do anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000


yWriter is a free version of Dabble essentially.


I think that’d just be a NaNoWriMo at that point.