300 Words a Day Challenge | #300Words



aiming for the 2nd of 2019 for me. gives me enough to write another 600+ words if i stick to the 300 a day lol.should be roughly a 1200 chapter that way


Done my 300 words for today


Can I also join?


I think this is for everyone!




no 300 words for me today, but it is NYE so :wink:


Sounds good :smiley: You’ll get there.


Count me in. 300 words is my current target anyway as it’s about as much as I can squeeze in with a full time job.

It’s also the target Stephen King recommended for writing a novel in a year. :wink:


This seems like a really cool idea! I’d definitely like to join in


This is a great idea and it seems so manageable! I’ll definitely be trying it in the new year. Thanks for sharing!


legitimately thought it was NYE yesterday haha… fuck me.


I think this is a wonderful idea! Count me in too!




Wrote my 300 today


This sounds interesting!


Today’s count. :smile:



that’s awesome! is that on wattpad? I’ve never seen the goal thing before :o


I’d like to know which application it is too!


@TaraTheDreamer @fennawinters It’s DabbleWriter.

I downloaded it for NaNoWriMo 2017 and have used it ever since. There are versions for Windows and Mac and you can use it through your browser as well. So you can write wherever you are on any device. All your work is synced to the cloud.

It has full plotting functions plus folders for world building and characters. You can also set a project word goal and deadline. Dabble then works out a daily word target for you. If you’re doing NaNoWriMo Dabble syncs with their servers so it updates your NaNo word count for you.

The platform is free for 14 days then you pay a few dollars a month as a subscription. The system accepts Paypal so you don’t need a credit card to use it. It’s well worth checking out the free trial.


no words written today, yet, but im not sure itll happen lol. giving myself an excuse cause technically its not 2019 yet ha