300 Words a Day Challenge | #300Words



Yeah, I was like - where on earth do you live because it was not the 31st anywhere on the planet when you wrote the comment about it being NYE. Lol. :joy:

I like the idea of joining in because I really found NaNoWriMo useful.
My issue, however (which was also an issue during NaNoWriMo), is that I have drafts of chapters waiting to be published, which I go back and forth to edit before I upload them. And I don’t know how to count my words if I go into a draft and change up a sentence, and change my mind and rewrite it to something else - while at the same time writing completely new chapters.

Am I supposed to keep track that I changed 5 words in a 10 words sentence in my draft? It just becomes too much because there are days where my writing is focused on editing that weeks chapter, and not on writing new stuff. :woman_shrugging:t2:


That’s what I like about Dabble. It gives me a count for all the words I’ve written that day, whether they’re edits or brand new words. It also tracks where those words were written, so if I want to I can work out myself how the edits / new stuff compares.


I get that, but I can’t afford that program. If it had been a one-off cost and then you had the program I might consider it. But not when it’s a continued payment every month. My means are simply too limited for such a thing.


300 done!


I managed about 400 t9day. Might do a bit more later


This is a really good idea!! I’ll join in and see how it goes!!


does anyone know a way to track the words i write daily?


What writing application do you use? Most have a word counter.


i use word,and i know it has a word counter; but i mean like daily tracker?


In word you can highlight the chunk of text you want to count before clicking the word count button. Then Word will give you the count just for the highlighted section. Obviously it only works if you’ve added words in the same place on the page.

If you want something more sophisticated than that you’ll have to find another writing programme, one designed for writers. If you need a free solution try something like FreeWriter. It has a daily word tracker.


Hmm I’ll definately try this in 2019! 300 seems like a manageable goal for me (unlike in nanowrimo where I was writing 600+ words a day) so I give this a try!


Day 1 and I’m on a nice track; passed 300 words today! This club is a really great idea; it motivated me to write!!


Ill join although I have a question would it count if I wrote 300 in another story and 300 in a different story the next day or is the challenge 300 for one story? Ill mostly stick to the same story but I was just curious since Im writing two at a time.


I’m going to join this…just because it might add some extra accountability for me. The past year of writing has been…dismal. It was filled with many days of staring at the computer screen, deleting just about everything I wrote, and my belief that I just didn’t have it in me anymore. In all fairness, I have four kids, my dog died from cancer, and I moved to another continent, so things have been anything but easy.

Somehow, I managed to write 700 words on Saturday (okay…I did it because my husband took my kids out of the house…amazing how the productivity increases). But I just wrote 526 words this morning…and I might even have more in me as the day progresses.

I’m just glad to feel like I’m on the way to being back. Finally.


300 words a day - whatever story(s) you want! as long as you write :wink:

I can only focus on one at a time so that’ll be me haha


wow, you had a lot going on last year. To be fair, I had to finish my last year of uni, and i literally had no inspo lol. Here’s hoping 2019 is better


yay well done! Im more of a late writer; so i dont know if ill get 300 words technically done today but more so in this awake period lol. It’ll be like 1:00AM for me haha


I got 300 today! ((Well yesterday its 12 now it still counts)) Hopefully I can continue a streak through 2019. Who knows which story will get its chance tomorrow though xD.




So, uh… I sort of worked against the 300 goal by taking words out.
I’m trying to figure out how much description is okay when you’re writing a sex scene in a teen fic that isn’t marked ‘Mature’… :thinking: It’s tricky… It’s tricky (tricky) tricky (tricky).