300 Words a Day Challenge | #300Words



speaking as an amabassador, make sure you read the content guidlines regarding sexual content on wattpad. you can find it here. There are a few subheading regarding the topic so make sure you check em all out :wink:


It seem like I’m on the safe side of all of it.
It’s funny though, because I had a discussion about how much was too much when it came to sexual content down in Teen Fic previously. And some of them said that the mention of pubic hair and such was too mature. But according to the guidelines, it perfectly fine.


imo there’s a fine line between what should and shouldn’t be written in Teen Fiction smut/sex scenes. While charcters have to be 16+ for it to be considered ok on Wattpad, you’re getting 12/13/14 year olds IRL reading it too. While obviously they have the internet at their fingertips, i wouldnt want to be the one to introduce them to some stuff that may blow their brains.

The thing is - if you do write mature scenes, you’re eliminating probably half your audience (adults do read TF too), but underage users wont have access to the story if its ranked mature, it’d also be harder to find online to prevent anyone who may be underage but havent declared their age on their account, from reading the intense mature you can find (like BDM or whatever it is, lol).


in saying that ive not yet written any mature scenes (or even slightly mature scenes), idk if ive even written a kissing scene yet (thought that will change very soon :p)


I’m in! Day 1 starts now! Or tomorrow if I fall asleep :joy:


woohoo! my day 1 will technically be the 2nd because ill probably be up later tonight writing lol.


I made it clear in my introduction chapter that there won’t be smut.
I’m not including intimate scenes just for the hell of it. They are part of the story because of character growth. :slightly_smiling_face:

But there will always be those who are more liberal when it comes to these things.
I don’t think there is anything wrong with young teens having their sexual “awakening” through books in the safety of their own room.


definitely nothing wrong with it , lol.Sex should be normalised and shouldnt be seen as a taboo subject, anyway.

Yes, good point. There are worse ways to be “awakened” so to speak lol


Day 1 done!


woohoo!! seeing everyone tick their day one off is making me want to write… now. but i have so much to do, i prob wont get to my laptop until 1AM lol.

As long as I write at somepoint, right?


Yes that’s true, as long as you write 300 at some point, then your still on track!

I’m going to set up a spread for the month in my bullet journal for the 300 club


i wish i had neat handwiring xD Ive made a table in a separate word document for my tracker!


That’s a good way to make a tracker!


Day 1 complete!


Today’s target nailed.





I did a total of 3.1k today


Wow. I should finish on about 1000 for today. I’m close to the end of my current chapter and want to get it done and on Wattpad before I go to bed.


well thats amazing. i think you passed the 300 words lol


im going to do a bit of gaming with my nephew tonight xP (he got me into fortnite lol). I have a feeling ill offically start tomorrow (2nd), as I kind of feel a bit wrecked today. Kind of overdid it at the gym lol. Not feeling in the writing mood, which is okay. Tomorrow I WILL write, though. Even if its 300 sucky words, it will be 300 words.