300 Words a Day Challenge | #300Words



working hard right now =) lots of regiggling of phrases and rewriting things (Just my process lol). 213 words done so far. I’m not going to bed until i hit 300 :stuck_out_tongue:


What time is it where you are?


just past 12:30AM on 2/01/19.

TBH just lost all interest in writing tonight. Someone just shat all over the first chapter of my book


I think you’re being a little hard on yourself and on the reviewer. If it’s the reviewer I think it is I took a look at their comments to see if there’s some way I could help, but their comments weren’t written in malice and I would have made many of the same points if you’d asked me for a review. It was hard but it wasn’t sh*t. It was constructive and it was fair.


hm, i’d disagree. First of all i never asked them for a review, lol. There were a few things I took away from his “review” that I will use, but for the most part I feel that a lot of it was just shitting on my style of writing


Oh I agree it’s entirely up to you to take away what you want. I don’t agree with comments on my work all the time. But you’ve given the impression that the reviewer was deliberately mean to you. I don’t think that’s the case and I think you’re being unfair to them. You’re going to have to deal with much harder reviews than that if you want to keep writing.


i never once said that they were deliberately mean – i said somone “shat all over my work/ style of writing.” doesn’t mean it was deliberately mean, lol.

I’m fine with critiques – i’ve had a lot worse, lol.


437 words written today =)


476 for me today.
Though I don’t really have an idea what I even wrote :joy: I just kinda started a new story and I don’t really have a plan yet where it will even go.


Good job everyone whos written today I wrote a bit last night at like 12 but I want to still get 300 in today that isnt blurrying the line between if it was yesterdays work or todays work.


Hit 300! Yay!


348 words today! (This is so much better than NaNoWriMo. I know I won’t be burned out but I’m still being productive)


My google docs had an error but I still reached my 300 words today!


at least you wrote =)


so hard! especially as i tend to write late at night. like which words do i consider for what day haha




Depends on how many words you have on each day :joy: Kidding maybe.


as mean as long as words are written! that’s what counts


I think I might do this as well. I need to get my butt into gear. It doesn’t matter what I write as long as I write 300 words. XD


Its the first day of the year and Im already getting the year wrong.