300 Words a Day Challenge | #300Words



struggle buddies


Good job gettting your 300 xD. I had to set a timer and force myself not to wander off onto another tab to get words down.


Sometimes that’s what you’ve got to do!


I’m in! :smiley:


I finally got my 300 words in for today, since I didn’t get any yesterday. But I’m in the middle of a really good scene, so I’m going to continue writing. :grin:


hello, welcome to the community page. Don’t worry, my english can be pretty terrible and its my main language. We’d never get angry. I think its awesome that people can speak/type multiple languages. I wish i could!


116 is better then 0 :wink:


im from Australia, too :smiley: and soo is @xFakingaSmilex so good to see so many aussies on board.




better then nothing! but dont be too hard on yourself. writing 300 a day will probably take some time to adjust to, and even if you dont write 300 everyday, 300 as often as you want/can is better then 0 :wink:


feeling you! i think 300 today (3/1/19) will be a struggle unless I really push myself. not feeling it! did get 300 on 2/1 so not too worried :wink: most ive written compared all last year anyway haha


yay! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


I actually went on to write a few thousand more because I was so close to finishing my book; I ended up finishing it!! This challenge was a great way to start the new year!!!


yass! thats what its all about. I wrote like 400 words yesterday because i found myself actually enjoying the scene I was writing. Not just getting to the word count :wink:


Hooray!! Keep going!

BTW, if anyone is interested, I have this really cool tracker I got from Writerology, an online writing blog. If anyone wants to track their daily word counts and see the progress–It’ll even graph the year for you.


uuh!! thats amazing! congrats :smiley:


Thank you!!!


I keep doing that too but the 300 is what I force myself to write and then my brain just keeps writing because its already written words.


I love how chill you are about this youre just like ‘Hey if you write a single word its progress’ so it feels like this challenge cant really be failed as long as something is put down xD.


this is an amazing challenge! count me in. I highly recommend everyone doing this. I started doing 250 words a day when I was 13 or so, and slowly I was able to build it higher and higher :slight_smile: great in time for the new year.