300 Words a Day Challenge | #300Words



Shoot, it’ll 11pm and I’ve written 3 words on my story today. Ai, I guess I gotta go write another 297.


i mean the whole point is to get you writing. 300 is definitely the goal, but i get it sometimes you just cant write for reasons or just bc you don’t want to lol. One word is one word closer to finishing the book :wink:

One day you might write 10 words and the next day 500. As long as you, for the most part, even attempt to write (or take days off, too). It all helps and it all adds up. Eventually you might get into the habit of writing more than 300 words a day.

Whatever works, I say :smiley:


Today was busy, but I managed over 300.


this is a good idea! gonna try and hop onto this during my lunchtimes at work. seems like an achievable goal! :blush:


yay good job


no 300 words for me today. felt really off, so decided to skip it


Today marks three days in a row that I’ve written 500 words. I hope to increase those numbers next week. It’s just getting back into practice and finding my voice again.


I did too. Had to produce a double page spread article for work. That was me done for the day.


Yesterday (day 3), I write just ver 50 words, although they weren’t on a main project of mine, I’m still happy to finally get above 300.


Whoo, I didn’t thought that I would write 300 words today but finally I even wrote 585 words! :grin::tada:


I just realized I wrote over 300 words of a story that is not the one I should be working on… oops!




I did that too, yesterday :joy:

At least we’re writing!


Wrote my 300 today! :smiley:


Ive got 8 more words but zero motivation to actually write 8 words :joy:


Good news I forced myself to write 8 words and wrote more than 8 words.
Also so I dont spam the forum Good job to anyone who got 300 words or wrote at all. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think I must have hit 300 with all the plot work I did today! I’m exhausted :confounded: my brain hurts lol


no 300 words for me for 3/1, but im determined for 4/1. Yesterday I felt so sluggish and just off and i knew if id write, id probably end up deleting what ive already written instead lol. didnt want to risk it


Sometimes cutting stuff out counts as progress too!!! And sometimes taking a break is what you need :sparkles:

I’m sure you’ll hit 300 tomorrow, even if you do work backwards for a bit!


I think 300 words is a good number to shoot for when writing in short increments. Small enough to do even when it’s busy, but they add up. I actually did 5 sets of 300 words throughout the day and got 1.5k words today. :triumph: