300 Words a Day Challenge | #300Words



Reasonable goal! I’m in :slight_smile:


Nice idea. I’ll try it!


nice work! that was why i decided to create it. 300 words feels a lot more attainable than say writing 2k in one sitting or even one day for people like me. Plus the accomplishment of hitting 300 might encourage you to write more in that sitting, or you might find yourself in the middle of a scene you’ve suddenly got inspiration for and keep going!


Day 4 was pretty successful. I wrote about 400 words, 300 of which were on one of my main projects.


Day 4 is going well! So far got 1003


yesterday i wrote just over 600, and today so far i’ve written 858! :partying_face:


well done!


That’s incredible!


Thank you! :smile:


instead of writing tonight, i’ve decided ive really gotta work on my blurb. I’ve had the same blurb since I originally wrote this book in 2016 lol


Конечно я в #300Words !
Это отличная идея, которая точно даёт мне мотивацию писать истории!


Hey all, are you doing well with word count today? I’m coming along, but my editing cuts a lot out.


I’ll take up the challenge, it sounds like a good way to keep up productivity.
Starting the journey with a story of a measly 514 words.


I will join up with the challenge. I just finished up with NANO in November. I have kinda abused my own writing for the last several weeks. Heheh. So, best get back to it!


yup time to join something I might most definitely fail at.


Passed 300 today and I’m still going! I want to get my story at least lightly edited by tonight


Just came across this and love the idea! Will start tomorrow c:


I couldn’t write anything all morning, but as the afternoon turned into sunset and twilight, I finally wrote something down and ended up with 1.4k words. I need to write 200 more words to get to my quota, but I’m freaking exhausted right now.


That’s not measly. You can say quite a lot in 500 words. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s a lot, congratulations! :+1: