35+ only! Wanna have some fun writing? I have an idea...

Dear All,

I’m starting this topic because I’d like to bond with you all and don’t know any other quicker way to do it. So I thought about some creative writing, with a twist. Dunno if you bumped into this idea before, I did (on a different realm, though), had lots of fun with it.

Scope of thread: writing a good sci-fi short novel, in common. Let’s say one of 100 hundred replies.

Rules: you are not supposed to write more than a paragraph, picking up the story where your predecessor left it.

Bonus: the first one to write after me gets to implement the main character of the novel. @sleepingdraco, @CelticWhovian - hope it’s you guys!

Hope you’ll join!


I know this is more than a paragraph. Sorry…

Across the darkened alleyway, the pot-bellied man struck a match and held it to the cigarette butt clenched in his teeth. The light revealed his scruffy neckbeard and the purple tattoo on his cheek. Good. He was the one she was scheduled to meet after all.

Thara pulled her knit cap down over the smooth metal that covered most of her skull and slipped a pair of glasses on over her cybernetic eye. The disguise wouldn’t keep people from noticing, but it did make her alterations harder to identify. She winced as a jolt of electricity from the eye made her face twitch. Darn thing was shorting out again.


But she had no time to lose. The KT agent had insisted the mission was urgent, and her word was the law. Thara slipped her hand into her pocket, reassuring herself the little box was there, safely concealed and humming slightly under the touch of her fingertips. Amazing how real skin and organic nerves still transported sensations more accurate than any body mod. But this wasn’t the time for philosophy either. A deep breath, a quick glance over her shoulder, and Thara stepped out of the shadows.


This would be fun. I wonder if we should be more thoughtful though so we don’t write ourselves into a box and make an outline first or something like this from @HM_Braverman

I will try to add a paragraph above but am too tired after a long day.


“Finally!” said the large fellow, on a guttural voice that resembled the echoes of a shout in a deep cave. Eyeing her from top to bottom, while taking his sweet time in doing so, Tattoo didn’t move an inch, but she couldn’t help thinking his gaze was similar to a thorough body search. There was something unnerving about that look going to and fro, and she thought she couldn’t take it for much longer. “Happy now?” asked Thara in a similar tone.


The big man grunted. “Got the box?” He stretched out a meaty hand for it.

“Got my payment?” Thara countered. She needed this deal to be over quickly. Already their meeting was attracting unwanted attention. That beggar in the corner looked far too bright and alert for the strung-out bum he was portraying.


She kept part of her mind tuned in on the beggar, ready to run at the first sign of betrayal. Tattoo held out his hand, a small data cube pulsating in his palm like a pearl in an ugly, rugged seashell. Pressing her lips together, Thara closed her fist around the box and pulled it out of her pocket. The big man frowned.

“Right, kiddo, and how do I know this is the real stuff?”

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Thara did not bother to give a vocal answer, preferring instead to tap a few keys on the minuscule console inserted in her left arm. Suddenly, in the small space between the two, a hologram appeared, casting a green light on Tattoo’s face, the grimace he wore starting to change from inquisitive to satisfied. Paying no more attention to Tattoo, the girl’s amped senses lashed like nervous vipers all around her, sensing danger. Immediate, implacable danger.


Fast as lightning, she snatched the data cube out of Tattoo‘s palm and left the humming box in its place. Her cybernetic eye registered the stunned expression on his face while she already crouched in a defensive stance, her implanted impulse phaser powered up.


Thara’s rapid motion triggered a similar response from the “beggar” in the corner. In one smooth motion, his ratty poncho and battered hat were shed, revealing top-of-the-line armor and a phaser of his own clutched in his hand.

“Stop right there, girl,” he ordered.

His gear was brand new, in perfect shape. Hers was second-hand and iffy at best, as she was reminded by another electrical short. She’d need to rely on superior skill and speed to get out of this.


She blasted off toward the dull clouds that seemed to enternally shrowd the grimey city she had called home for all of her 33 cyber years. Before she cleared even the second floor of the delaptiated high rise housing that stood on either side, she felt a kinetic blast that froze her circuits. She plummeted back to the ground landing in a crumpled heap in the alley. Pain seared through her back and neck. Her sight grew dim. She awaited another hit that would surely be her last. But it didn’t come. Instead a muffled thud met her ears, followed by the sound of shuffling feet.

“You’re to beautiful let the good guys win tonight sugar,” said Tattoo smirking. “Off you go with me.” Thara could smell his rancid socks before she lost consciousness.


Coming back from a slumber that seemed to have lasted for centuries, Thara opened her eyes to … nothing. Or so it looked like, as everything around her was engulfed in darkness, only a few shimmering red dots blinking at the edge of her sight. She felt she had been pounded by a million hammers, every living cell in her body screaming in pain. However, the need to know took over, and with an colossal mind effort she started taking in her new environment. First, she established she was alone. Second, and more important, she was jacked in with a M-unit, the digital doctor being probably set to identify major damages to her neuronal systems.


Voices echoed in a nearby hallway, though she couldn’t catch what was being said. In the distance, a woman was crying. Thara sat up slowly, stifling a groan. Something was missing…she felt around in the dark. Her implanted weapons system had been removed. She swore. No wonder everything hurt.

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