3D art of your OCs i guess

hi, i’m trying to learn 3D sculpting. it’s HARD. but i really enjoy it. i really only want to take on one… but if the first one i make goes ok i might accept another. i could use one of my own ocs, or a real person, but i like a challenge so why not come here instead
i dunno if it’ll be first come first serve or i pick one that’s most interesting i guess it’s just if… anyone is actually interested lmao. anyway, info:

  • HEAD ONLY (with neck obv)
  • they’re gonna be bald unless you state you’re fine with EXTREMELY SIMPLE hair shapes. facial hair is finicky… you can ask
  • they’re gonna look like clay. don’t even bother listing skin color/hair color/etc bc i am NOT painting them. but eye color is fine if you want
  • no form because i don’t even know where to begin but pretend you’re requesting for art. you have to be EXTREMELY DETAILED. they’re realistic so. REFERENCES ARE A MUST UNLESS YOU DESCRIBE EVERYTHING DOWN TO A T.
  • also remember it’s 3D so you HAVE to describe their side profile too, not just their front profile. here’s an example of what i mean.
  • uhhh no expressions please. a slight smile/frown is ok but like nothing else, sorry
  • if you wanna you can ask for funky lighting scenarios, i.e backlit by a spooky green light idc otherwise i’m gonna leave it default
  • this is literally just for me to practice so no payment or anything unless you wanna give me a small loan of a million dollars thanks

sorry it’s all a mess but :woman_shrugging: anyway, here’s the few sculpts i’ve made, i don’t really consider them “complete” i just did them and then moved on:


enjoy my commentary lol (open in a new tab to read it)

so uhhh yeah that’s that. i’ll answer any questions if anyone has any. thanks to whoever helps me practice

i keep coming to wattpad to offer such obscure fucking graphics why cant i be normal


hi~ not requestin anyth but your commentary made my day :rofl:

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thanks i’ve been told i’m a natural comedian :sunglasses:

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hkhkh i agree hahahh

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LMAO thank u :-]

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no problem~ :DDDDDDD

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Sounds cool.
Want to try doing my OC?

maybe, just fill out as much information as possible lol

The name’s Carra. She’s a 25 years old designer.
Her hair is ginger and short, like Anne Hatthaway in one of the LesMis rehearsal video.
She has piercings, two on the lower part of her right ear, one on the lower part of her right ear, and one on the upper part. (Sorry, I suck about body parts.)
She has bright eyes, small nose, and medium lips.
She is beautiful (the kind of beautiful that both men and women want her), cheerful, and playful.

sorry, but i can’t do your character. as i stated in my post either you need to be extremely detailed or provide refs, this isn’t art this is a 3d sculpt which is like a real person and that’s simply not enough information to do anything

I see. I’m bad at describing, tbh o_o
I do have my own drawing of her. But of course in 2D, and anime-ish style. I understand that it wouldn’t be anime-ish anymore.

art is good tbh, but unless i can clearly see all their features you would still have to verbally describe / provide other refs. sorry, this isn’t some simple kind of thing it’s pretty in depth ^^;;

Oh wow, those are so good! How long do you need for one, because that looks like it takes ages! You´re pretty talented!