5sos anyone?

Hi I love 5sos& 5sos fanfics and just looking to make friends:) Anyone up for a chat?

hi I love 5sos too and am also looking for friends, whats up?

hey omg yay finally someone answers!!!:slight_smile: I hate that the fandom has kinda fell off Wattpad during their hiatus:( The new album is soooo amazing

We should all make a dicsord tbh and keep inviting people into the fold lmao


oh hi everyone! OMG yes @nicockla

Been a fan of them for 4 years now! AND COUNTING!


My first ever work on Wattpad was a 5SOS fanfic. My second was two. Both are drafted now, though.

I started following them in 2012

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Hi lol I :purple_heart: 5SOS!!! I need friends lol
oh follow me i guess: bodaciouslove_

Is this still a thing lol?


(I listen to their new album every day…oops :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Been a fan of them since 2014

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No shame! SO DO I! :heart: Oh cool! The fandom is crayzyyyyyyy oml haha

I love them too!!!

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AWWWW YAY!!! FINALLY! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :cupid:
Heyyy :smile:

My first works on Wattpad were 5SOS fanfics! I deleted the drafts off of Wattpad but I kept them saved on my drive for whenever I want to look at my progress of writing. I remember when the three boys uploaded their first video together and then Ashton came in and joined them and I was so happy tbh. Been following them since 2011/2012 and had the chance to see them perform in Melbourne during their tour with Hot Chelle Rae and I was lucky enough to attend DerpCon.

I haven’t really been updating myself on the boys since 2016 because I’ve been really busy with school and work and life but I’d like to think once a fan, always a fan.

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That must have been cool :slight_smile:

omg Hi!!!

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hahaa heyyyy

hi everybody, anyone else sad the tour’s over?


Yesss! I’m sad I couldn’t go! :persevere:

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aww at least there’s next tour too! seeing the photos and videos from all the concerts always makes me so sad tho since they’re gonna be more inactive now

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