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anything else?*:

i can do banners, icons, etc. too just ask! i just mainly work on covers but if you just ask i can possibly work on it for you!

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Hi! Do you do gifs or chapter banners?

i can do chapter banners but i’m not familiar with gifs !

Title: Roach
Summary: The story of a young girl trying to save the world while resisting her urge to ransack garbage bins.

I hate cockroaches. I hate them with a passion. In fact, I hate all insects. My brother always babbled that insects are an essential part of the ecosystem, because without them, the food chain will be turned upside down, leading to natural disasters and climate changes and all that stuff. To be fair, I don’t give a rat’s ass. I don’t care if the Earth exploded into a million pieces if that means all insects were exterminated. In fact, if I could glue like an atomic bomb on me or something, jump to the Earth’s core and set everything on fire, I would gladly do so. Insects die and we all die, is there even a happier ending?

And yes, because I hated cockroaches so much, all the universe conspired in helping me to become one. Thus, I became the Cockroach Woman.
Subtitle: The story of a young girl trying to save the world while resisting her urge to ransack garbage bins
Author: Daniel Ngo
Ideas: I don’t know, I want the colour scheme to be warm, and the cover to be somewhat funny and light-hearted. Maybe on the cover will be some terrified cartoon girl trying to run away from a swarm of bugs. Anything bug related without being gross would be nice :smiley:

Thanks for doing this!

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let me see what i can do ! i might make a couple for you to pick from. do you have any images in mind just to inspire me a little?

this is what i came up with (the cartoon idea was not working out the way i wanted it to) if you don’t like something i can rework it or if i completely missed the mark let me know!

Hey! It looks pretty good, actually! I’m thinking of omitting the girl in front and have the text moved to the middle, so we keep it simple. Only cockroaches and texts :smile:

yay, if i request would you be able to make chapter banners that say one-twenty?
if yes, what details should i provide?



chapter #:
story description:

(i already know chapter # so don’t worry about putting it again

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chapter #: one-twenty
story description: beatrice wants to impress her mother for the holiday so she fake dates an old friend
characters: beatrice(faceclaim: meghan markle), tom hiddleston(himself)
theme: christmassy
ideas: okay i couldn’t find examples of what i was looking for but i just was thinking super simple red and or green text that looks christmassy with a white background with any embellishments that you think would look cute and maybe on each side of the words a swirl similar to these

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That looks good, thanks! I’ll credit you in my book when I use the cover!

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wow thank you! i’m glad you like it!

i’m going to work on it right now! thank you for requesting!

of course i love your graphics thanks for your time!

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i hope this is what you’re looking for! it was almost >too< easy so if there’s anything else you want added or that i missed just let me know haha

it looks like the swirls are cut off in the forum but when you save the full image they aren’t cut off !

Omg! it’s so so cute I’m so sorry I didn’t express myself well enough what I meant was one through twenty as in seperate ones like one, two, three etc
If that’s too much work I totally understand