70+ premade covers // OPEN

I have a ton of cover premades to give away, since my graphics book is dead and no one’s requesting. If you want a custom cover, go here.

Story doesn’t even have to be posted, but priority will go to those that are. Credit in description is a must. Payment is a comment on the prologue of An Omen of Crows. No length requirements, just show that you’ve read at least part of it.

Premade Title:
New Title:
Author (no usernames pls:)
New Subtitle:
Is it posted?
How does this cover suit your story?

PREMADES ARE HERE! If you need help accessing the Imgur album on mobile, refer to this handy guide.


Premade Title: Curse of Blackwood
New Title: Primal Instinct
Author: Eon Wolfe
New Subtitle: Kill, Survive, Adapt
Is it posted?: No
How does this cover suit your story? “When you’re stuck inside the chamber, you have no recollection of what you’ve done or who you are, the only thing you know is to be the last alive.”

Primal Instinct is redemption, a second chance to leave like a normal person, and when a man find’s himself in the midst of one of the most deadly games in history with only the memory of his five year old daughter, Can he kill his way to freedom?

Or will he be another victim to Primal Instinct?

That’s the blurb, but furthermore I feel like it really captures the foggy memory of the people in the chamber and the main character, the girl representing his daughter the foggy letters and mystery woods representing the fading memory and the wooden terrain of the chamber

Thanks so much.


hi would like to make a request but first do you take lgbt requests/submissions? because i didn’t see any on your link and that’s the genre i need help in.

Yes, I do! However, I’m going to have to deny your request, as I only make small changes on premades, not changing models. I’m sorry, but feel free to request at my custom cover thread!

Accepted! Please complete payment.

Denied, sorry. The title is too long.

Payment Complete

Here is your cover! Thank you for requesting.



That’s alright. :smiley: Thanks.

Can I request another one of your premades tho? If there’s another story of mine that suits your covers

Go ahead!

Thank you!!!

cries in lack of male models.

You have very beautiful covers though! I do wish there was one I could actually use, lol.

Premade Title: The Mona Alyssa
New Title: Summer in the City
Author (no usernames pls:) MaHa and Josiah
New Subtitle: We are all we need.
Is it posted? Not yet.
How does this cover suit your story? It’s a love story about an optimistic graffiti artist and a freshman college student wildly out of his element.

Thank you! @chatoyants

lol why’d you tag me?

lol, wrong person sorry

Aw, thank you! I have a customs thread open if you’d like to request there. And yeah, good male models can be so hard to find.

Semi-accepted, I’ll see if I can get the title to work. Don’t complete payment yet.