A Bitch's Free Honest Review and Friendship(Re-Opened)



It’s currently 3 am here so I’m off to bed! byeeee


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We thought you had forgotten it :joy: j/K Your reviews are very thorough and well appreciated, so we’re here :call_me_hand:


HUHU, thanks babe! I’m reviewing yours now!


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Don’t worry! I’m not that mean!


Hey wanna finish my reviews for. Me haha


I can help you with some xD


I’m almost done with this one it is chapter by chapter. How are you today how’s reviewing


I’m just proofreading my chapter 3 before uploading it then I’m going to review Crysta’s Vitality.


Omg you will love that story


I read a bit of the first chapter. I got pleasantly surprised. Continuing it later. Super excited about it. I feel like I’d found a gem.


Hers is a gem. I liked it, it’s in my favorites


Thanks, I appreciate it :slight_smile:








Something came up and I can’t post the review here. I’m not at home and my laptop isn’t with me. Please wait a little bit more. Thank you for understanding. @Crysta_Levere


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Thanks for the review! It’s really appreciated. I’ll fix it and thank you for liking the cover and story so so much!:heart: