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Accepted and Now In Wait List

  1. SentryCod - The Last Sophian
  2. SlightlyBlack - Challenge Accepted
  3. Spruce_Goose - The Factory Girl
  4. NoLazyShadow - Fragmented Echoes
  5. GhostsInsideOfMyBed - Zeitgeist
  6. CatharsisKingdom - Airborn
  7. TockAC - Handwritten Poems
  8. LuliWrites - A Celestial Requiem
  9. @MGCJoan - Leopard: The Unforgiving

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  • crystallise - Of Solar and Dark

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Well I only started my story a few weeks ago. It’s a Percy Weasley fanfiction from the Harry Potter series.

+your payment is fair btw.

  • Title: Faerie | Percy Weasley
  • Genre and sub-genres: Fanfiction/ Fantasy
  • Description: In which the strict and moody Percy Weasley finds himself irritated with the clumsy, airheaded, yet sweet Hufflepuff girl, Merrianne Charman.

However, he doesn’t know clumsy Merry has a secret that would blow his head: She’s a fairy.

Well, half a fairy, considering her father is a squib. But she has the wings and fairy dust to fit into the category just fine.

Every once in a while she would leave the school grounds to stretch her wings and stroll around the Forbidden Forest, taking joy and pride to the fact that none of the perfects know about her breaking the rules.

None of them but Percy.

He knows she sneaks out at night, he has seen her skipping down the halls after curfew, but every time he attempts to follow her, she just seems to disappear around the corridor.

No matter how many times he tries to sneak up on her or how fast he runs after her, he just can’t seem to catch up.

Merrianne knows this, and so does Percy: no matter how book smart he is, he could never outsmart the suspicious girl that everyone finds innocent.
“Where were you last night, Charman?” Percy looked down at the smiling blonde accusingly.

“Why, in my room, Mr. Perfect Percy, sir.”

“Wha-- Don’t lie to me. I saw you leave your common room wearing that pink nightgown.”

“Percy.” Merrianne snorted. “Earlier you were muttering about a giant, glittery butterfly in the forbidden forest and now you’re telling me you saw me out of my common room wearing a pink nightgown?”

Percy’s smart expression faltered.

“You have some wild imagination.”

And he flushed red.


Commented is fine, thank you very much!


Thanks for the feedback! (: I really appreciate it and I’ll definitely take your advice!


Title: When I Sleep…I Dream of Mars
Synopsis: Rayne wakes up in a strange room. She doesn’t remember anything about her life. She doesn’t even remember her boyfriend. Will she be able to love him after forgetting everything about him?

I’d be happy to review your chapters as well!


Title: Dragon Rider In The Modern World

Genre: Fantasy

Description:Valerie is a Dragon Rider. The catch is that she lives in 2018, where everyone thinks that they are just mythical/fictional creatures, so it is impossible for her to get help to train Isaldrí, her dragon, and must be careful not to let anyone discover her secret. What will happen the day her best friends figure it out? Is it possible that there are other Riders like her out there?




To Ava, love is about as real as fairytales. But it might be that fairytales, myths, and magic might have some truth to them after all. As well as the monsters that lie in the shadows. Everything changes when she clashes with a stranger with eyes as black as midnight and a terrifying sinister air. Her wishes to feel something again become granted. But Ava soon learns that not only is he as cold as he is beautiful but he brings something out of Ava, stronger than ever, like fuel to fire - something she’s desperate to bury. He haunts her dreams and waking life and staying away becomes harder than she could ever imagined, risking her life, her humanity, and the people that she cares about. Not to mention the fate of the world.

What does it take to live? What does it take to love?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/163300238-vitality


Reviews Done

  • crystallise - Of Solar and Dark

Currently Reviewing
SentryCod - The Last Sophian

Accepted and Now In Wait List

  1. SlightlyBlack - Challenge Accepted
  2. Spruce_Goose - The Factory Girl
  3. NoLazyShadow - Fragmented Echoes
  4. GhostsInsideOfMyBed - Zeitgeist
  5. CatharsisKingdom - Airborn
  6. TockAC - Handwritten Poems
  7. LuliWrites - A Celestial Requiem
  8. MGCJoan - Leopard: The Unforgiving
  9. @eclipsetales - Faerie | Percy Weasley
  10. @bubblenikki - When I Sleep… I Dream of Mars
  11. @ValerieJackson2003 - Dragon Rider in The Moder World
  12. @Crysta_Levere - Vitality

Remember to track this thread to know which of the stories I am now currently reviewing. :slight_smile:

I will temporarily close the list when it reaches 15. So I could catch up to what I’m reviewing since I’m reviewing 4 chapters at a time. I hope you understand. Thanks a lot for choosing A Bitch’s Review xD


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This seems great! I would of course love feedback but to be honest I have even more interest in friendship! :stuck_out_tongue: love connecting with other writers here.

If you accept my request, then comments on the chapter(s) would be great. I would also check out your work in return. If it’s ok I’d love it if we could do 2 chapters for 2, instead of 3. I’m disabled so sometimes it’s harder for me to keep up with things! let me know <3

Title : The Romancing of Tuesday Dennings

synopsis: Simon Bernay is the very definition of a rich playboy. He tosses girls aside quicker than he charms them into bed, and he can have whatever he wants with a snap of his fingers.

He has one weakness: the poetry of Tuesday Dennings. For reasons unknown to him, he’s compelled to write to her. While Tuesday (a true cynic) is suspicious, she replies. And with that, they begin an old-fashioned correspondence.

But she has a secret, one which she desperately tries to hide.

And Simon has no intentions other than friendship—or so he thinks.

Link : https://www.wattpad.com/story/165224397-the-romancing-of-tuesday-dennings


I know it’s kind of nerve-wracking and crazy. But thank you for trusting me.

Reviews Done

  • crystallise - Of Solar and Dark
  • SentryCod - The Last Sophian

Currently Reviewing
SlightlyBlack - Challenge Accepted

Accepted and Now In Wait List

  1. Spruce_Goose - The Factory Girl
  2. NoLazyShadow - Fragmented Echoes
  3. GhostsInsideOfMyBed - Zeitgeist
  4. CatharsisKingdom - Airborn
  5. TockAC - Handwritten Poems
  6. LuliWrites - A Celestial Requiem
  7. MGCJoan - Leopard: The Unforgiving
  8. eclipsetales - Faerie | Percy Weasley
  9. bubblenikki - When I Sleep… I Dream of Mars
  10. ValerieJackson2003 - Dragon Rider in The Moder World
  11. Crysta_Levere - Vitality
  12. @AliceHausling - The Romancing Tuesday Dennings

Remember to track this thread to know which of the stories I am now currently reviewing. :slight_smile: and @AliceHausling Duly noted! :slight_smile: I will do the two chapters as per you requested.


Hey, babe! Let me know if you’re down to review mine!

Haunted Rayne || Paranormal Mystery

A young murderer with amnesia enrolls in a reform school exclusively for wealthy teens. This steep tuition pays to clean records and erase evidence of heinous pasts. There’s only one problem: The campus is haunted.



Accepted! :slight_smile:


Hello Gee! I think we are already following each other but I’d love your thoughts!

I’ll look at your story later today.

Title : Silver Glass
Synopsis: Sardonic sixteen-year-old Dulcie Stone knows what happens when she tells people how they die: they live in fear and still die exactly as her visions predict. When she foresees the death of her environmentalist classmate Anselm Nichols, she’s shocked: he drowns when he’s still about sixteen. No one’s ever been this close to their death before.

Concerned by her reaction to his death, Anselm won’t leave her alone. And with each passing day, Dulcie grows less and less certain that she wants him to. But the closer Anselm gets to Dulcie, the closer he gets to the horrible truth that will ruin the rest of his short life.

Link: https://my.w.tt/vuay2tAGbS

Thank you!


Accepted! :slight_smile:


Your stories look interesting c:

Title: Stuck Between the Rivals
Synopsis: Liliana and Lucas are inseparable. As next door neighbors and childhood friends, the two had been attached to the hip through all of high school. Despite their difference in social status, nobody dares to go in between their friendship.

Everything changes once she meets Kylo, the rivaling high school’s football captain. Flirtatious, adventurous, and devilishly handsome; Kylo is everything Lucas stood against. So why is Liliana so attracted to him?

How will Lucas react?
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/168485815-stuck-between-the-rivals


Title: Fly High

“Came here to die, only to be saved.” One encounter and he’s hooked, leaving Adrian constantly thinking about him. Like an open wound left unattended, his affection slowly festered into an obsession.

Link:I can’t post it here because I’m a new user :frowning: My account is @iori_kei .

Hey Gee! I’m ready for roasting :slight_smile:


Thanks, babe! I’ll check yours out! Accepted! :slight_smile:


Don’t worry! I’m not that mean! Accepted :slight_smile: