A Bitch's Free Honest Review and Friendship(Re-Opened)



I took my story down for a bit! So one story taken off of your plate!


Thank you for your early payment. I hope you do be patient with my pace of reviews.


Thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:


Yeah of course! If this forum is still open when I repost, I’ll definitely re-request!


It probably will be with the amount of stories I have to review, jesus.


Lol I feel that! My critiques list is like a mile long. But, I’m almost on christmas break so I’m gonna be a busy bee during that whole break lol


Wait. Aren’t you the one handling the Flower Critiques?


Yes! That would be me lol how ya doin’


So many critiques!! I know the feelings, I have two reading lists and over 200 books to comment spam on xD


Try doing chapter t by chapter my. List is crazy


OMG. You’re reviewing my story too! HAHAHA What a coincidence. Whaddup gurly???


Ohmygoodness. 200??? How would you manage to do all that?? Jesus!


I know T_T And I’m writing my own story too. My fault for not making a draft before posting.


No idea XD a large portion of the books have been there since the summer xD I should probably get back into it :joy::joy:


I’m writing my own Story to and it seems like it’s overwhelming and I’m always open. But I don’t mind


I can’t ever do that! I feel bad for the people waiting for my reviews, even if it is shitty xD


In the past, I wouldn’t have mind but I just got accepted to a job. So managing this thread, writing, editing and reviewing for the stories is gonna be hard to time manage. But I’ll make a way. I don’t want to disappoint anyone.


Oh yeah! I am lol!! And nothing much, coming off an all-nighter how about you?


I did warn them it’ll take a while XD


It’s 1 am here so I’m about to do a all-nighter. Why did you stay up all night? Studying?