A Bitch's Free Honest Review and Friendship(Re-Opened)



Should I put a disclaimer on mine?

probably should’ve done before anyone did their payments…


Up to you xD

I offer no payment so it didn’t bother me


I don’t have them do a payments either but I do warn them that I’m harsh but then again I also put suck it up buttercup


ugh, Now I feel bad… T_T But I don’t really force y’all to do the payments. I’ll just let your guilt decide if u do it or not. xD


I’m pretty harsh too… xD


Haha xD I’m more of a ‘payment isn’t necessary but much appreciated’ person :joy::joy:

People rarely do it though


SAME AS ME!!! We are seriously alike though, wat.

Some people here paid in advance. Nobody has before T_T Now I kind feel obligated to do the reviews


Nobody does it for me xD I know it’s voluntary but it would be nice! :joy::joy::joy:


For me I don’t believe in payments. I think that they’re wrong, people should want to read your stories or follow you because it’s what they want.


I already reviewed your so… u know… nudge nudge


I’ll get to it xD


Well, I’m sorry… it’s the only other way I know for people to read my story… T_T


Don’t if you don’t want to. I’m only kidding xD


Ohhhhhh good luck! If you wanna do what I did and find people to talk to all night so you don’t fall asleep, I have a forum in the cafe with some pretty great people in there! They got me through my all-nighter and we are still having fun convos lol

And yes! I have so much due for finalssss

What about you? Why the all-nighter?


What’s the form in the Cafe called


Lolllll yeah I don’t do payments for my critiques, but that’s also because I did them for my covers. I’m fine with payments though. I mean people dedicate their time to reading and reviewing my book, why wouldn’t I repay the favor?


I feel like I’d crash anyway… My old eyes get weary looking at the screen for too long… But can you tag me in that thread anyway? xD

Good luck on your finals, babe! <3




It’s called “Anybody Still Up?”


I will for sure! And thank yooooouuuu we are hoping to get that degree lol