A book cover needed! Can anyone make me a book cover?

Title: One Last Dream

Sub Title: Dragon’s Tooth

Author: LT

Genre(s): Fantasy

Colours: Red, Black, and Orange

Idea(s): A girl petting her Dragon. A castle in the back ground surrounded by fire. The dragon is big and his skin color is black and his eyes are red.

Story Summary: Two ordinary girls, Amity and Lilah, were raised in the human world and soon they find out there true identities. When all the lost memories and secrets there forced to go back to their hometown, Draglemire. What mysteries will they find in the other dimension. Will they save their kingdom together or will they fight against each other?

Payment (if offered): I’ll take a read upon your book. I’ll credit you. !!!

Anything Else: Surprise me. Please if anyone can make me one let me know.


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A few questions:
How big is the dragon?
You sure you just want LT as author name?

The Dragon is an adult, big and the dragon is black. And the Author name yes LT is perfect. Thank you so much.

I’ll see what I can do

What do you think of this?
Don’t hesitate do ask for changes!
(Oh and I saw you voted on Urgon, but judging by your book and by how my writing is, I think you would prefer Dragonriders)

Otherwise, this

View what I threw together here.

Feel free to request any changes, I may do another design later.

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Hi there :wave:

The #mdc:request-a-graphic category is the only place for threads requesting a story cover. I’ve moved this thread there for you.

Thanks for understanding,

Hollie - Community Ambassador :azanthiel:

Oh wait, I forgot to add “Dragon’s Tooth” so I made new ones
image image

I’m back!

It’s auto cropped, click on it to see the full image.

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How about this one?
(Look at it in your browser. This forum doesn’t always interpret the image proportions correctly.)


This is my book cover style. If you’re thinking something like this, DM me and we’ll talk


Are you still looking for a cover? :slight_smile:

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Yes of course

Here’s an attempt. Feel free to do whatever you want with it, use it or reject it :slight_smile:.

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hi i was wondering if you are still requesting?

Sure give it a try

is there a font mood you want?