A book lost all rankings



a few days ago my story suddenly lost all rankings and is unsearchable in all of them. I tried only going into the rankings Hotlist. So far, I can only find it if I type “#openff” in the search bar, but I think most people tend to look for stories in these rank-lists (at least I do :wink:) . My other stories seem to be fine, but right now I’m unsure how the ranks are trustworthy.

Is anybody experiencing a similar problem?

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Yeah, my books are on and off ranks all the time. Either your book is just not getting enough traffic to ranks - or what is more likely is that the ranks are glitchy.

Try and send a ticket. It’s more likely HQ will give you a reply through there and will be able to see if there’s something glitchy going on or if your book is just not ranking.


Thank you :smiley: I was thinking it may be a glitch, but I wanted to know if more people have the same/similar problem or I’m the isolated/rare case :rofl:


Definitely not just you :joy: Sometimes my books even rank one hour and then the next they don’t - only to rank again an hour later!


I think only once or twice I had my ranks changed in one day for 3 times, and that was during the week where they were extra wacky :rofl: Otherwise I think they are stable for a few days before there is any change.


I gotta admit I’ve stopped checking them at this point. Most of the time they’re just glitching and no matter where I was ranking, it never did any difference :sweat_smile:


I can agree on that, I make my own statistic just for fun, to be honest :laughing:


I’ve got the same - my book’s read count has definitely been increasing so I know it’s not that :sweat_smile: This isn’t the first time - I think this just happens from time to time (glitch maybe) and usually it comes back after a couple of days :slightly_smiling_face:


My ranks are already back! So it was just a small bug! Thank you all for your comments :heart:

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