A book with a good ending


Can someone recommend me good books with a good ending (which means that it’s completed)? I personally cannot deal with bad endings so that’s the reason one. The ending doesn’t have to be predictable, it just can’t be that bad. As long as not everyone dies or something among that line then I consider that a good ending.
If there are books with “bad” endings that is worth a try, then feel free to comment.


Ready Player One. The hero starts off as a loser, then he wins the whole thing out, defeats the villain and gets the girl. The end :slight_smile:


I have a few that might whet your whistle. But I would have to give you the links DM because the novels aren’t on Wattpad. They are somewhere’s else.


Are you looking for Wattpad books or published books? (Asking since you mentioned completed.)


Search complete.


I am fine with either


What genre(s) do you prefer.


yes, I am down with that


Just keep in mind that whatever you decide to read, you have until about January to finish reading the current draft of Meteor Girl. The book’s undergoing line editing now (edits are finished) and my editor says she’s going to complete everything in 30 days. (Christmas.)


is it going to be a published book


Yep. Through Amazon.


ohh that’s nice! Did you find the publisher yourself?


Amazon is a publisher of millions of indie books. I could not get any trad publisher because they claimed not to take any fiction and slammed the door in my face.

So I decided 5 years ago I would do this one myself.

And it’s starting to pay off.