A book with twins [Normal ones!]

They MUST have a mind of their own, not be a pair of single-minded creepy twins. I would honestly prefer if the author was a twin themselves, but it’s okay if not.


Uh, well, I thought I would testest my luck here. I have a duology (completed) that is a dark retelling of Peter Pan. The MCs are twins if that’s what you would be interested in. The ad is clickable.



Are they basically one person(an extension of a single person) or two different people? Because the latter is what I’m looking for. I don’t want the twins that the media usually shoves at people. I want real siblings/twins. :smile:

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Land of stories by Chris Colfer if you’re into fantasy.

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My book IPSEITY has identical twin princes. Aliens from a planet that wields magic. They look exactly the same, but do not have the same personalities lol.

Link if you’re interested: https://www.wattpad.com/story/61116288-ipseity-1

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I have an urban fantasy romance where my MC is a twin, and she and her brother have minds of their own, but he’s not like a huge deal in the story. Not yet anyway.

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They’re two different people. :blush:

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I’m not entirely sure if mine is what you’re looking for, because they’re only side characters, but my MC’s siblings are fraternal male/female twins. They feature heavily in the beginning, and they’re pretty realistic people and siblings, I’ve heard.

But are you looking for main characters or stories that deal explicitly with “twin-ness”?

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Just wanted to say that @LostNeverland4 books are amazing. And that you’ll probably like the duology she posted here.


It can be about them dealing with being twins but it’s not required. But it would be nice to have those moments we tend to deal with. :rofl:

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Added stories to my reading list! Thanks guys! :kissing_heart:

They’re based on a few sets of twins I am related to/know, so they’re pretty fun, but yeah, I’ll be up-front and say that their twin-ness isn’t really a huge plot point. They just happen to be twins. I’ll drop the link here if you’re ever in the mood for a couple fun scenes of twin-mischief, but no worries if it’s not what you’re looking for!


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Already added to my reading list. :laughing:

I like that it’s not about their being twins, it’s just who they are. Very cool. Thank you!

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This is MY thread! I’m a triplet (so I’ll do you one better) and my story features twins, though they aren’t the Mc. They are two of the main characters, but not the MAIN main character. Seriously, though, this is hilarious.

Title: Celebrity House
Author: @bffhiz111
Genre: Teen Fiction
Synopsis: Teagen Zastera has never considered herself the most popular girl in school. She’s the type of girl that would pull off an all-nighter just to ace a quiz. In a nutshell? She’s a…nerd. But with her determination and smarts, it’s no wonder that she qualifies for Yale’s Annual National Speech Meet!

Where her speech goes viral.

Soon, Teagan is famous, especially when she’s nominated for Celebrity House, the most popular show in the US. Now, everyone wants to be her friend, including James O’Shaughnessy, brother of her worst enemy and a notorious substance abuser.

Teagan is swimming through the sea of life, but you know what they say: beware of storms.


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Thank you, thank you! :open_mouth: :heart_eyes: Added to my reading list. :slight_smile:

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aww, your welcome! Thanks! The twins come into play A LOT more as the story progresses, fyi. I promise :smiley:

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I have a completed short story (that takes like 10 minutes to read) and the MC has a twin. They’re like two sides of the same coin: similar, but very different (just like normal siblings).

Title : Off The Edge

Genre: Short Story

Blurb : Max had always wondered what he saw in that girl, what part of that monster he loved when they were little children. Now age 15 and sick of pretending, Max takes a hiking trip up to the mountains with his devilish twin, Maleen. This time, he has two secrets up his sleeve: one about his sister and one about himself. What she doesn’t know: both are secrets to kill for.

Link : https://my.w.tt/miB7d7uoa



It’s a spoiler I guess, but my ongoing work is about fraternal twins. Demon-Killing Sword is about a pair of twins working together to save the world. Course, the main character doesn’t know she’s a twin yet, but it’ll come out as a big part of the plot! The twins’ relationship is (very very loosely) based off myself and my (non-twin but very close) sibling, so they’re certainly not the creepy-identical twin cliche.

Summary below:

A century ago, the demon king drowned the world in miasma. Demons everywhere went mad. Peaceful shopkeepers tore apart their human patrons. Child demons devoured their human friends. No longer could demons speak. They had become mad beasts intent upon killing.

With no other recourse, humankind retreated behind a wall and sent forth their strongest heroes, wielding the demon-killing sword. It was hoped that this sword could even slay the demon king, source of the miasma.

All was in vain. The heroes failed. The sword was lost.

And so a hundred years pass, until a scrappy part-demon scavenger finds the ruins of the sword. With rabid demons beating at the walls, she sets out across the wasteland of a once-vibrant land to defeat the demon king and carve a new fate for all of humanity.

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I find it a little ironic that I’m writing a story with twins, plus one other sibling. I am basically an only child. My brother was 20 years older than me (I was a menopause child). So he was moved out by the time I was able to form memories that would last. He’s since passed away. But I really don’t know what it’s like to have a sibling other than in name only. I don’t know what it’s like to fight over toys, or that whole “mom he’s touching me” thing. I’m basically going off what I’ve seen with my friends or on TV.

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How about brothers who aren’t twins but pretty close?