a bunch of people @ wattpad are looking at this right now RIGHT THIS MINUTE


it’s your best time to talk smack OR tell us you if like these forums…

  • complain about infinite scroll!


I love this layout! Formatting is so much easier! Although I have a test I wanna do in a minute.


Picture quality for avatars is good here.

Not a fan of infinite scroll.

Also, I miss subbing to threads.


does this not fulfill subbing to threads?


I mean, it kinda does, but having a list of threads would be preferred.




Would bookmarking the first reply in a thread fix that?


@uncleL I jump around mostly on that list.


Bookmarking is done through profiles on here. If this is integrated into Wattpad’s main site, wouldn’t that go away?


not necessarily, no


Then how would it work?


I feel like with how detailed the different options are here, the forum settings would stay

(Or would this become a “separate” but connected site — as an example — like something like clubs.wattpad.com or forums.wattpad.com?)


Mostly these possibilities


If this moves forward, what will happen to the old threads?


My suggestion would be to get rid of the suggested threads and use that to display the users bookmarks, but I obviously have no clue if that’s even possible in the code.

Oh and something something infinite scroll sucks something something :kissing_heart: @unclel


on WP? they’ll likely persist at their URL for foreseeable future


what would you want to do with the old threads?

My current understanding of how people use them is that people screencap a lot of stuff because threads have a tendency to get lost anyways or get buried so easily, so like funny/historical moments are just captured in the screen.

Otherwise, what would you do with them? How often are you currently revisiting threads that nobody is active in anymore or that you previously marked as “super valuable” in whatever way one might do that?

This feels like a discussion someone would have with a hoarder…

Important! Do NOT erase the old Wattpad forum!


Well, if they’re deleted, I’d like advance warning so I can go save all my graphics and coding.