a bunch of people @ wattpad are looking at this right now RIGHT THIS MINUTE


I subscribe til I’m done with it. Whether it’s an answer received or closing from post limit.


So if you went and downloaded them all now and saved your code, you’re good?




…so, could you go do that…now, just in case?

Also, not familiar with code practices, don’t most people save their code somewhere like in Visual Studios and on their computer so that they universally have it or is that not a thing?


I second the “separate but connected” part. Tapas does the same thing, as in their forum hyperlink on the main page linking to their discourse forums. Something like that, I assume


Like literally this second or…?

I just dump it in my notes app.


Not a complaint but: I can see the unlisted threads




so you do have them saved elsewhere already anyways? And that’s common coding practice I assume that people are saving them somewhere locally, and thus nobody would lose any code from the old clubs being turned off.

And if that’s the only reason people need to revisit the clubs, I suppose…people don’t need to revisit the clubs?


Also just noticed, sometimes the mobile site glitches where the reply button acts as if it’s in comment box(?)

Here, I clicked reply but it just moved my cursor


I saved some of it because I test around with the same code regularly.

Well, this is just my reason.

I know others who keep old thread links as mementos and don’t screenshot.


This could be good for ask in a new topic.

Maybe a poll.

“Why do you want to keep an archive of the old threads?”

Or a question to that effect.


Yes I know that’s why I asked it haha the only answer so far is to save multimedia codes


I’m betting the people who are most against it are the ones in clique threads.


clique threads? You mean like basically private chat groups in the clubs?

Well they shouldn’t really be in there anyways/they’re using the clubs for a service they could get elsewhere but just hacking it. Like using it as a WhatsApp chatroom just because it’s convenient (or they’re blocked from WhatsApp by parents, other factors)


w i l l w e e v e r g e t h a c k e d ?


Uh… kinda? Threads that are in their 200-something iteration and continuing to run.

I wouldn’t call them private since they do mention new people are allowed to join. But still, some groups aren’t very nice to newcomers, so they come off cliquey.


i personally feel the ibb thread is most guilty of this