a bunch of people @ wattpad are looking at this right now RIGHT THIS MINUTE


it has so many threads and responds in this weird way they want everyone to do


Would that mean that we could no longer access clubs directly through Wattpad?


i ban because


Ahh, that series
It’s still going huh.


But are they rude to newcomers?


Yeah unlisted. Not supposed to be visible accept your the maker of that thread. Yet somehow I can see some of them




I’m assuming (I’m not staff) there would be a link on the site to get here, and your account would be connected to Wattpad.




Okay, that’s good, because I don’t want to have to search for clubs outside of Wattpad in order to use them. I quite like having a link to them under the community section.


That’s my assumption as well that if/when these become official they’ll simply over take the link to the current clubs. So you’d still access these the same way you access the clubs now.


It makes sense to just link here anyways


I like these forums, but I don’t want to lose access to the old ones. ( @nick ) I do not have the capacity to screenshot much of anything on my seven year old laptop. I did like the suggestion of archiving the old ones so they can be accessed but not posted on.

The infinite scroll, as has been mentioned a lot of times, is annoying. Not a deal breaker though.

I’d use these if we transferred over, but it does have to be made a bit more easy to move through- right now, a lot of stuff is done through the top bar, which will presumably go away when this is integrated with Wattpad.


I don’t think we’d lose access to the new top bar. I’m assuming it’ll become a separate site but connected to the main site (it that makes sense).

(See post 13 & 14 a bunch of people @ wattpad are looking at this right now RIGHT THIS MINUTE)


So… What that seems like to me is we either lose this top bar function, or we lose the top bar function of the current clubs which allows us to jump from the forums to our PMs, profiles, or go look up stories without opening another page.


Also I keep not getting any info on this but has anyone figured out about whether or not usernames are going to be displayed on the category pages because that’s driving me nuts when I suck at picture memorization


I was under the impression it would run the same as the clubs now so you’d get the wattpad bar at the top and lose the bar that we currently have with this clubs. But now I’m confused lol I’ve been running with the understanding all that would change is swap the current clubs for this one but otherwise everything else connection wise is the same.


we haven’t even decided yet if we’re moving forward SOoooooooOOOooooOOO these issues have not yet been determined




Just wondering if our forum posts will continue to show up in our Followers newsfeeds, when we switch over?

I have a love/hate relationship this this feature.