a bunch of people @ wattpad are looking at this right now RIGHT THIS MINUTE

The infinite scroll is killing me, and the GIF profile pictures hurt my eyes. I do love the format and the ability to do this and this way more easily. As well as this:

Have my other cat, my little panther :slight_smile:

I also like the suggested threads so I can keep finding new threads, but I want to be able to click some away so new ones appear


Because of the infinite scrolling, would it be possible to change the maximum post amount from 2500 to 1000/1500? That seems like a general good number for threads to be here.


I like 1000 because more zeros. :lumi:


If you have poor password or someone sees you then yes you’ll might get hacked by them. That includes your evil relative if you have one. :joy:

But if you have a strong password and secretive then no one will get hacked

I love this club but my cons are infinite scrolls and the white background. Again, if there’s a simple color background it’ll be nice and pleasing for the eyes (and no I’m not gonna use the darkness or the other one).

But if we’re sticking with infinite scroll that’s fine for me as long I can go top and bottom like a elevator. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! XD

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I don’t understand why a simple hierarchical Menu system is not employed, Instead of the squashed together and tedious access system used, that is not intuitive or as simple to access as the site management believes save from phones that can skate/scroll down to topic areas of interest. It is not a step forward from the old system at all.

First post made me think of the song smack my bitch up by the prodigy.
Great band.
Great song.

the forums are cool. my mobile phone dosen’t like it that much but my desktop loves it.

Desktop loves it soooo much, and so do I :smile_cat:

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Woah how did this show back up lmao this is from a year ago :joy:

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I saw this pop up in latest, didn’t see it was from a year ago, and got really, really confused.


I started liking posts and was gearing up to respond. I was almost thoroughly bamboozled.

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