a chatting thread

here i am again. hi, hello, hey.

i just want to chat, about anything, really. how is your day going? are you reading anything interesting? what’s your favorite food? your favorite show? do you play games? i promise you this is not an interrogation, just a friendly attempt at socializing, so come in.


i can see that you have great taste

That’s great

Did I do it right? lol


My day’s going meh, not really done much wbu? I’ve been trying to read Daisy Jones and the Six for ages, I’m only like 30 pages away from finishing but I’m also a pleb who is lazy. My favourite food is probably lasagne and my favourite tv show of all time has to be Brooklyn 99. I’m not much of a gamer, the last game I probably played was Horizon Zero Dawn but I’ve yet to finish it (see above reasoning)

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no. now do it again haha you did just fine (:

It’s one of the books on my tbr! And a tattoo? Exciting! Do you know what you’re getting?

Never tried it.

I meant video games, but both are equally great.

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I’m getting a black and white Phoenix on my thigh ^^ I’m super excited about it.

I’m shameless Nintendo nerd. Nintendo owns my bank account and I accept it.

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same here.

forgive my ignorance, but what is it about?

Love it!

i make your words my own. b99 crawled into my heart and never left.

it’s a really pretty game, but aside from that, i thought it was just okay

that sounds so pretty

I haven’t seen the design yet, but I think she’ll be sending it to me soon. I can’t wait!

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It’s a set of interviews that follow the lives of this singer and a band in the 60’s. I’m not really good with descriptions but it’s a really good read - I was reccomended it at the bookshop when I was looking for another book by the same author.

Ugh, I started watching it last year and honest to god couldn’t stop. It’s so good. A lot of my friends watch it too so it’s referenced all the time.

I can’t really cast my opinions on it because I haven’t actually finished but I did enjoy what I played. The only games I’ve really ever finished playing were Until Dawn and Life is Strange (not counting all the ones you play as a kid like mario lol) but they were both pretty short which may have been why it was easier to finish them.

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oof that tattoo sounds like it’s gonna look amazing. Is it your first or do you have any others as well?

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I have one teeny tiny one on my ankle and a medium/small one on my wrist. Itll be my first big one ^^


How are you feeling for it? I’ve been debating getting one but I can never commit. That and I’m lowkey broke.

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I don’t have that kind of luck! my friends say the humor is too tacky.

Until Dawn was pretty cool. I didn’t like LIS, but it seems I’m the only human being on Earth who didn’t. And what do you mean not counting the games you play as a kid? They change you. I’m not even talking Mario. I’m talking dress up barbie games. They were gems.

I’m feeling great! I really dont put much emphasis on these kinds of things. The perminence doesnt scare me and the pain is temporary. Honestly I’m most worried about shaving and getting razor bumps the day before the tattoo :joy: THAT has my anxiety most on edge.

And yeah. They are PRICEY. I had to pick up a second job because I’m moving 3000 miles and my 2nd job is a remote job- so I cant do it from both locations. And I have to keep my full time job until I leave. Basically the money from the 2nd job all went towards my tattoo in order to reward myself for working so many freaking hours just to be stable when I move lol. No regrets!


One of mine recently only watched the first ep and reckons its more you get invested in the characters rather than staying for the humour which I can agree with her to some extent. Your friends are still wrong though.

Everyone I’ve met really liked LIS too, it’s a good game imo but each to our own. haha if I counted all the games I played as a kid I’d be here forever. My go to site was girlsgogames - absolute gem omg. My 12 year old self spent way too many hours on it. That and moshi monsters.

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Don’t they tell you to leave the hair and they remove it on the day or is that wrong info? That’s fair tho, I’ve had an idea in my mind that I’m quite possessive over and I’m worried it’ll just turn out super ugly in person.

Oh wow. But if it’s what you’ve wanted then deffo no regrets. The only thing holding me up financially at the moment (barely) is my student finance and some money I’ve got saved over from a previous job. I’m graduating this year and so I’m considering getting a tatt as a present to myself but we’ll see.



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