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  • Do I want a co-writer or writing buddy: Co-Writer
  • Genres I read: Romance, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Chicklit, Humor, Supernatural.
  • Genres I write: I tried writing mystery…
  • What someone expects of my buddy/co-writer:
    I will be honest. I’m a total beginner but I did try writing a mystery story. I sadly realised that with no planning my story won’t go anywhere except the thrash. I tried planning/outlining my old story, but it seems like I’m not even capable of doing that. I don’t know how. On my old story I managed to write 4 chapters with 1.5k word count per chapter.

I want to create a story from nothing meaning; planning, brainstorming and all that yadda yadda lol. I was thinking of writing a crime story but I’m open to new Ideas :grin:
I really want to learn how to properly create a story.

Thank you, Gracias, Vielen Dank.

Hiya! So, I’m already co-writing with someone else now. BUT I am open to being your writing buddy. If you don’t know, tha basically means you can come to me any time you’re unsure about something, want to know something, how to do it, etc. I can help you plot your book and develop your characters.

However, it is completely fine if you want a co-writer instead. Regards, me :]

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I can help :slight_smile:

In need of: Co-writer
Genres I read: historical fiction, mystery, YA, adventure, action
Genres I tend to stay away from: Horror, Romance, fantasy
Genres I write: Historical fiction, non-fiction, fiction in general, mystery, adventure, action
What I’m looking for in a co-writer: I’m looking for someone who wants to bring up the big issues of today and who would like to teach the reader a thing or two. I am active, responsive, and DO NOT have a story in mind yet. PM me and let’s see if we have anything in common!

Where do I PM you?

Where can I message you?

Do I want a co-writer or writing buddy: Co-Writer
Genres I read: Romance, Mystery, Teen Fiction, Chicklit, Supernatural.
Genres I write: Werewolf stories, but I want to try to write Teen Fiction.
What someone expects of my buddy/co-writer:
I will be honest. I’m a total beginner at writing a Teen Fiction. I tried to write one in the past, but it never went anywhere. Because I was second guessing myself if it was good enough to be posted on wattpad. Sadly I don’t have an outline for this story. So maybe hen i found co-owner we can put one together and dive into this cool story I came up with.

If you are willing to help me with this story please message me. I need someone who is willing to help me and not just say it they are going to help me, but actually help me with it. If you are that person who will not abandon me please message me and will can get started.
Title: All it Takes
Lyssa Davis moves to California and once again she is the new girl. This time she made a plain… Well more like rules- it was simple really…

Rule 1: No making friends.
Rule 2: No falling in love.
She knew what would happen if those rules are broken. Lyssa will end up leaving them behind knowing she will never see them again. So, it just easier for her keep her walls up and not let anyone in.

But what if… All it takes is one bad boy and the number one person on the ‘don’t mess with’ list, Dean Carter to tear her walls down and make her second guess everything.

Now it’s up to Lyssa to find a way to get through her senior year while trying not to fall for the annoyingly handsome Dean or being pulled into any of the drama that surrounds him and his friends. But love has a funny way of showing when you least expected.

Here’s the link to my account: www.wattpad.com/user/_itz_shifana

Just drop me a dm :slight_smile:

Aquarium_muslim if you’re still interested!

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