A Deeper Dive Into (Mis)Representation

Former Title: Did you know that… Twilight is racist?

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Let’s be real. Everything is racist these days

(I feel I should point out this is called melodrama due to some of the comments I’ve received)


What makes you say that?

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Umm people, news articles, people, social media, people, books, and people :woman_shrugging:t4:


I should come back later and talk about how nearly all vampire media is subtly racist. You will see me back here, for sure!


I look forward to that!

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I think that this was done unintentionally, but yes, it is racist to an extent.

The pale skin of vampires was cemented through an incident in history where people were eating the hearts of dead people who had contracted small pox (then died by the sickness). The people were buried, then dug up. When the flesh was pierced, the body generally “screams” as trapped gasses escape. That’s how vampires became a well known concept.


Did you look into any of the links yet?

My issue is with the Native American representation, not the vampires themselves.


The werewolves as Native Americans thing is super racist and the implied domestic violence being linked to the bloodthirsty savage stereotype is really concerning


I didn’t know until people in WP said it but kind of not surprised. I didn’t even know that Harry potter movie Lavender Brown was played by a black girl but in the Half-blood prince they used a white girl. :woman_shrugging:

I kind of agree with Amneris


Yes. I have looked at the links.

I also have an issue with the Native American representation - but I do believe there is some historical link to that as well. That said, it doesn’t make it any less racist (and I could totally be wrong about historical context!).


I haven’t read the books so :thinking: I’ve just heard what people have told me

If you could find any sources that talk about the historical aspect, that would be great!

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I’ll try! I listened to it on a podcast, but I think this episode was taken down because it was a live and didn’t play that well (the mics were crackling etc.). I’ll see if I can find something, though :slight_smile:

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Much appreciated!

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To the best of my knowledge Twilight writer took the name of an actual IRL First Nation and made up a bunch of weird fake supernatural stuff about them


The books or the movies?

Yeah, the second link in the first post mentions the name of the tribe.

I don’t know what you’re asking. The movies are based on the books, so…



Stop discriminating against me Tenjo :pleading_face:

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I mean to add onto the “everything is racist” conversation I have to disagree. If you mean mainstream media is racist then that’s valid but for media made by POC about POC it’s not racist but I have a feeling people don’t consume media like this often.

I know some great short films and films by POC Canadian filmmakers