A drake named Jake


Hello! I just wrote my first song ever, and as it’s about a dragon, I figured I may as well share it here. I know it’s awful, but shh :stuck_out_tongue:

Once, there was a drake,
and his name was Jake
He had scales like gold,
and a tail with spikes

Because he was a drake,
he did not have wings
And that made him sad,
as all dragons have wings

So, he formed a plan
He mustered some hope
And finally, he set out into the world

Once, there was a drake
He visited a witch
And there, he said to her:
"Please, do give me wings!"

"Drakes don't have wings,"
she told Jake the drake
"You have a spiked tail
"That should do the job."

Sad, he walked away
Still not able to fly
Like all, the other dragons were

Once, there was a drake
Sat beneath a tree
He looked at the sky
Begging for wings

"Drakes don't have wings,"
the sky said to Jake
"You have golden scales
"Can you not see them?"

He paused to look
His scales shone in the light
And his tail smashed a tree

Once, there was a drake
Who finally could see
He was great as he was
With no wings, but pretty

"Drakes don't have wings,"
Jake told everyone.
"But that is okay
"Just look at me."

He'd show off his scales
As well as his tail
After it all, he was a happy drake

(Honestly, it’s half past one in the morning and I should be asleep…)


Yes, yes I likey :calmwolf:


Clam! You’ve already seen it twice xP






Oh god you saw


“Sad he walked away”

Until the very next day. XD


Yep :smiley:


And he said, got any grapes?




XD It’s the Duck Song on YouTube.


My tune is so different O.o

I could send it to you if you had discord


This is my third time actually, lol


Lol and the duck walked up to the lemonade stand!


Nope, sorry. Don’t need another distraction with Discord XD


Then you shall never know! >:D


And now I seriously need to nap. Jake can keep y’all company




This is really cool.


It is?