a fantasy medival story, let's write it together

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  • Im very new here so I’m not sure if this’s the right place for the topic but anyway…*

  • been having a brainstorm about a fantasy story, but ideas are only glimmering and I don’t know if I should start writing it or not, so I thought, what if I made it a project instead, below you’ll find my character’s biography which tells you a bit about the universe the story is sit in.*
    So, if you don’t mind I want anyone interested to comment a scene, it doesn’t have to be a complete one, just whatever you can think of, you can even drop an idea only (for example character X finds character Y in place Z and kills him)
    we can make a group chat somewhere too for those who want to, in order to improve this story, if I find large enough audience


Name: Elmer Ironhand
Nickname: Osphir Forger
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Parents: Stewart Ironhand (father) Cessy Ironhand (mother)
Siblings: n/a
Other family: his love Evelyn Thunderback (an elven girl)
Bio/Personality: he’s a blacksmith in the kingdom of (Kinnovar), the son of another famous blacksmith and the heir to the most famous family that forge every weapon there in the kingdom, he lives with his parents in a bunglaw in one of the villages near the creek, he’s a very capable smith that people called him (Osphir Forger) [osphir is the currency the kingdom uses, it’s a metal], although a bit hot-headed but most of the times he’s wise, always loathed the idea of (Elven rules just because he’s an elf) so the revolutionary sense in him grew to a high degree to the fear of his parents whom he loves deeply.
Since he was young his father Stewart was teaching him the steel and how to form it, weapons became his hobby, when he one day met Evelyn coming to his father’s shop to get elements for her family, he fell in love with her for a long time of back and fourth chit chatting until he betrothed her, they’re yet to marry for one reason only, she’s an elf, and her family scolds her for even seeing Elmer so they won’t agree to them marrying no matter what, Elmer’s loathing to the elven’s domination was growing when one day when he was with her, a spy told her lord father thus he came and slapped her in public, scolded both of them and dragged her home, that’s when Elmer decides to end their tyranny once and for all

traits/powers: very gentle, knows how to fight but rarely fights anyone, he knows every kind of weapon and its tactics, refuses for someone to treat him or his closed ones with minority for no reason

flaws: somethimes he’s a hot-head acts without thinking, he has a weakness of love

so, dear readers, this’s your moment, add things, delete things
get whatever on your minds down in the comments I believe that a group and team work will yield the best results. I wanted to try this collaboration in a story for a long time
try and give the best you can

                   **some quick rules:-**

-Mature themes: violence is allowed nothing else, no LGBT.

-if you want to drop a scene make it distinctive by putting it between the quote marks, and attaching the number at the begining.

-you can’t make two scenes in a row, they must be separated by someone else’s comment, in order for this to be a shared project

-try to be as realistic as possible, and don’t get out of chronology, for example if someone said that character X is injured, the next one can’t have character X running out of bed

-no mary sue characters (positive traits without negative ones, character who don’t do anything wrong or don’t get hurt)**

-Before you post a scene read the previous scenes in order to achieve realism

-New comers better start reading from the begining to avoid spoilers

-Every scene following the rules is put in my documents, the whole story is assembled, and I will post it as a book on wattpad if this story ever grew that far, should I post here every few days the whole story I don’t know? tell me what you think

-Of course we must respect one another, no sarcasm on someone else’s comment, and no controling over other members’ scenes. But at the same time try to not make the story loses its realistic flow

-IF you have any question you can PM me on wattpad

in the next comment I will drop the opening scene of this story, you then can follow me, remember to attach the scenen number at the start just like this below


He was breathing so fast, afraid and in terror, refusing to look down the hill, but air was softly tangling his bare feet as his shoes fell down in the creek, his whole body was swinging only clinging to his parents hands, his father the white hair old man was using his both hand to grab an arm and his mother the once blonde now gray hair woman with a mole up her small cheek was doing the same to her son’s other arm
“Don’t worry son, we got you” screamed the father calling him as his voice echoed down the great slope his son was floating above
“Elmer baby” said his mother as he was looking at them both afraid, but he soon became afraid of something other than the fall, something he didn’t know, all he knew is that his heart was dancing in worry, his head swund around like searching for something.
a sharp blade out of nowhere, came from thin air and slammed over his parent’s nick cutting them, blood splattered on Elmer’s face as he fell just like his parents’ corpses, he was racing their falling cut heads downhill, and before he reached the ground a face was popping in the distance, at the top, he felt like he knew it but…
he woke to find himself in his room, lying on his wooden small bed, but his gasp apparently woke someone up, the door opened
“sweetheart, you’re late for the forge, come on your father is going out now”
Elmer scratched his eyes “Yes mother, I’m coming”, she left the door opened and went to the kitchen when he was relieved, at least it was a dream

He was breathing so fast, terrified, refusing to look down the hill, the air was softly tingling his bare feet as his shoes fell down in the rushing stream. His whole body was swinging, while he clung to the hands of his parent. His father; the white hair old man was using his both hand to hold onto his arm. His mother; the once blonde now gray-haired woman, a mole up her small cheek was clinging to her son’s other arm.

This is my edit. As for the last redact of him screaming, your MC should be either screaming or gasping for breath. It’s hard to imagine doing both, you can do it if you want but you would have to develop the imagery fully for it to be believable.

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thanks for clearing it up
I wrote it so fast that’s why there are many flaws
appreciate your note and I will edit it

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