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Username: cockapoolover13
Book Title: Hunters
Subtitle: a new dog
Author: Karmen Skipper
Mood/prevailing color scheme: Dark with pops of color
Genre: adventure\ middle school
Ideas: I don’t have a lot of Ideas but my book is different so I will add a summary of it I want the cover to be along the lines of Erin Hunters Survivor books
Prominent objects/animals: dogs a lot of dogs
Summery: Kona is a young 13-year-old dog who is trying to find the truth about a new and potentially dangerous dog named Crow. Her and her five friends set off in the rural mountains to find out more about his past and their packs they will learn more about themselves, love, friendship, and life then they will have ever thought.

I have more info on characters like head shots if you need them

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@cockapoolover13 Awesome! I’ll get right to work on it! :smiley: Don’t forget to leave a follow! :smiley: If you don’t like your cover, you can unfollow me afterwards if you would like, but I ask that you please don’t you use that graphic. :slight_smile:

Okay cool!! Thank you!! And when you make my cover and if I use it can I use it other places of Wattpad?

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Of course! :smiley:

Okay thanks!!

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Quick question: what breed of dog is your main character?

I will send you pics of all the characters I want on the front! if you need their breeds just tell me!!

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Yes please! If you will PM them to me, that would be great!

sorry to do this but what is PM? I’m new to this…

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Go to my page, then click message.

I don’t see where I can send pics I will just send them to you over comment along with the breeds

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Or you can link them in a google doc

I don’t know how to do that either sorry:laughing:

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Here, I’ll PM you how to do it. :slight_smile:

Okay thanks!

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I responded.

so did I

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Username: kokainekaroline
Book Title: By Any Other Name
Subtitle: n/a
Author: Karoline Murphy
Mood/prevailing color scheme: I’d like light, pretty colors. Soft blues or purples
Genre: Romance
Ideas: I’m not great when it comes to covers, but I’d (at the very least) like for it to include a rose
Prominent objects/animals: Rose
1-2 Sentence synopsis: Melody Gardner is working as a waitress at a small town diner when she meets Grant, a foreigner from the nation Majicova. At least, that’s what he tells her his name is. What a shock she’ll be in for when she learns he is truly the heir to the Majicovan throne.
Anything else?: This is a very sappy romance book. Like, Hallmark level romance. I’d like the cover to kind of reflect the theme. Thank you so much!

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Climber) Bernese mountain dog/golden retrever

Rocky) Australlian cattle dog

Spot) dalmation/basset hound
Rider) lab/aussie mixAustralian-Shepherd-Labrador-Retriever-Mix
Luna) Husky

Blue) Blue tick coon hound
Kona) Rough collie/ border collie

This is what all the dogs have to look like if you find better pics that’s fine I want Kona In the middle like this
But my name and text I also want all the dogs to be sitting or standing with a mountain and woods in the background! thanks!!

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