A fun tool I made to help writers outline an early draft of their story


VERY stereotypical story beats but fun!


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Title: “The Empty World”,
Opening Image: “Morpheus is sung into being and introduced to his family.”,
Theme: “Sorrow of unintended consequeneces.”,
Inner World/Motivations: “Means to be righteous.”,
Inciting Incident: "But he gives a bottle of vampire blood to Joy, thus corrupting her muse programming. ",
Debate: “He can’t change what he already did, even with power of time-travel, so he can only watch for an opportunity to better. And then, hope that he doesn’t unintentionally do more harm, again.”,
External Forces: “But Julien complicates things, as the one who wanted Joy to have a choice, and the one who left his blood in a bottle, and also the one our protagonist wants to be with in the future.”,
Decision: "Protagonist Morpheus goes into The Empty World to try to help Joy, if he can. ",
Subplot: “The romantic suplot is introduced when Morpheus meets a future version of Julien who remembers them being in a relationship.”,
Lessons: "Morpheus meets allies, like River, Pam and others and with their help learns that he can have his own life and express his own self, in addition to being defined by duties or potential futures. He can choose. ",
Growth: “He pursues a career in music so he can help others by expressing shared/common emotions.”,
Stakes Raised: "Morpheus realizes after a trippy experience that 1) Julien is not ready for a relationship and 2) his grandfather altered his memories at some point and has been plotting something. ",
All is Lost: “There doesn’t seem to be anything Morpheus can do. The events are in motion for Joy to be the one to turn Amadeo with her vampire blood. This will enable future manipulation of the vampires by angels when Amadeo also wakes up Angel.”,
Dark Timeline: "They are in the dark timeline that leads to Joy’s corruption and combination of dream powers and vampiric abilities to tear a hole in reality. ",
Hope: "The tear is already made. Sacrificing Joy is not a viable option. They can only hope to get to her and re-program her in a way to use her same power to seal/reverse some of the damage. ",
Back on Track: “A small group finds their way into the reality-torn Night Regions to reprogram Joy.”,
Face-off: "Morpheus himself cannot be a ‘hero’. He’s already caused some of these events. But by acknowledging Julien as his family and trusting him, Julien is able to continue on with programmer Daniel to give Joy a choice that will enable things to be corrected. ",
Moment of Truth: “Julien insists Joy (the muse who pleased others) must choose for herself to be reprogrammed.”,
Aftermath: "Joy accepts the reprogramming. It’s not possibly to undo all the changes. And some things will take time to repair. The timey-wimey effects have left certain characters with different relative ages. ",
Consequences: "Jibril is near to fallen, and Absinthe is acting Regent of Dream, with hints that Morpheus is a future candidate for Death and that maybe Pandora is someone in his future. ",
Closing Image: “Julien’s ready to work out what their relationship is going to be.”

This such a great tool, definitely going to keep it in mind next time I’m plotting. :grin:


You’re amazing–thank you!!!