A guide to the new threads





Done a grand job :sparkling_heart: Thank you so much =]



I think you have 5 minutes to take it back.


You forgot “New”.

and here are the links to each category


Would you add it as a link or don’t you think that it is necessary?


New isn’t a category that I can pick for a homepage /:


I’ve never actually seen new before. where did you find it LOL


new only showed up when i clicked the link… is it like a hidden thing ? ? ?


No. Everyone should be able to see it

Edit: You are not able to set new as homepage. Thought you were explaining the 5 different types


oh no, i was going over how you can set your homepage. if i link the categories i can talk about “new” when i talk about the hamburger icon o: i should use it more often

Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work

I’m glad they pinned this thread for you. Downside to not being able to advertise outside of sys is I can’t direct people to my guide on the new clubs lol now this one should be much easier to find to link to ala the trust levels thread.


haha thanks @astrophile actually was the one who asked for it to be pinned. IMO it’s a good thing that theres one here, and one in on the main website — as a book cause maybe some people will find out about the threads. I’d link yours here if it wouldn’t get me in trouble ; m ;


Let me know of you do need me to bring anything from my guide to here. I’d be happy to create a post if it’s needed. It’s hard to remember what all to cover lol


:green_heart: I’ll check your guide out when i have time. its also good to have different explanations of stuff since people explain and understand differently~


If I remember when I get home, I’ll PM the link to you that starts with the new clubs that way you dont have to dig through the whole guide to find the chapters.

Ask the Ambassadors Anything.

You should delete the private message out of trust level basic user.

Regular can only create tags and make wiki. No recategorize,…


ahh tyty. i think i just got those from the default messages and never edited them after they changed it :sweat_smile:


Just look at my thread you linked. I talked to Katherine, because I was not sure if I maybe forgot something, but she said that I mentioned everything


:thinking: so. i only ever really save my images as PNGs but i’m noticing some of the images I directly upload are turning into JPEGs?


@letterbyowl 8 hours


maybe add that there is only specific amount of flags you can do per day, then you have to wait max. 24 hours


You forgot me

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Should I write the text for you to add?


oof. maybe i’ll just add a section about the tool bar then.

and have all of those and the poll stuff there