A guide to the new threads



I am so confused where do I find the tab to make a new thread.


you have at first to reach trust level basic user

More information you can find here
Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work

or here


Oh okay thank you very much. Sorry to disturb you with my silly question.


no problem


I’m new to the forums but not to Wattpad and i don’t know how can I post on the Improve Your Writing section. How could I make a post?


If you’re new, like stated in post 3. Since you are new you can not create new topics. You have to wait 24 hrs (?) before you can start a new topic.


Hey there :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us. I’ve tagged you on another thread- Trust levels: What are they and how do they work, to help you :slight_smile:

When you join these forums for the first time, you are at trust level 0. That means you won’t be able to post links and images, flag posts or create topics. This is to keep spam bots from being able to attack our forum.

To make a post you have to-

Trust Level 1 is called ‘Basic’. To reach trust level 1 , which will allow you to post links and images, flag posts, and create topics, you have to

  • enter two topics
  • read 30 posts
  • spend 20 minutes reading posts


What does bump mean? I’ve seen people say that on a thread and it makes no sense.


people write it so their shops don’t get closed when it isn’t used for a month
(Only one reason)


Oh… Does it have to be that word or is it just a coincidence that they all write the same word to stay active and open? And is it shops, or just all topics?


it is basically the word for the noise you make when you knock on something

As far as I know only shops get closed after 30 days being inactive. No sure.


They also use it to bump their thread back up to the top so its not buried under other threads in the more active clubs.


it’s a trend that started a long time ago in forums. As already stated to bump their threads to the top. Some people know it as an backronym ( or something ) for bring up my post

some people will just post random things though, and it’ll have the same effect


thanks you


Katherine had replied in the ask-the-ambassadors thread a couple of days ago-


i dont get ether i do have a qustion why does wattpad not put up a program that can help you publish your book for real


I think you should take a look at this profile





Wattpad also has an invitation only program called the Wattpad Stars. These select users sometimes work with Wattpad Studios.

Info about Stars: https://www.wattpad.com/writers/opportunities/stars/

Info about Studios:


Well this will take some getting used to. . . as usual. Been here for years, nothing much happens. Gone for a few months, suddenly this now. I was surprised, but some of that has settled down now. The front page of this looks really messy and confusing. [A suggestion would be making it more simple and compact with icons of every club like Cafe, Community, Fantasy, Romance, MultiMedia, etc. Then allowing the user to click on it and see everything related instead of spamming everything up front because that confused the hell out of me]. But other than that, well this update seems really late, I got used to the 2012 looking styled one, but better late than never I guess