A guide to the new threads



how do i private message someone?


PM’s unfortunately aren’t available on the clubs to non-moderators since Wattpad has their own PM system. So you’d have to go to the users Wattpad profile and PM them there.


Hi, sorry but for some reason I can’t find the new topic button on my homepage???


Hi that’s because your account is brand new. Follow the following to promote your account. this is a filter to protect the thread from stuff like raids and bots




Where do I complete the advanced user tutorial? Is it even something that I can do? I want to try and get all of the badges (all the ones I can do with a reasonable amount of effort) and I am puzzled as to how I am supposed find the advanced user tutorial.


@RobotAmbassador start advanced user


Okay! Thx!


Thank you so much for this, I’m new so this helps a lot :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Sorry guys, how the heck do I open new topics on forums? I literally see no button for it


Once you have been on line in the forums for a few days. Your ranking will change then you can start a forum topic.




Do you think translating this guide in other languages is a good idea?


Uhhhh, that’s a lot to translate, and you’d have to find someone who is fluent in both languages you want to translate… and figure out which languages you have to translate it in…? But from my experience most people speak english at least well enough that they might understand most of it ?

Have you seen a lot of non-english speaking users with problems ?


I think we would need a spanish translation
I could only do a german one.


I don’t know spanish LOL but it could be an option … if we find someone who speaks spanish


There are Spanish users and threads in these forums. They are in a minority compared to the majority of the English users. All I do is redirect the new Spanish users to the Spanish threads which help them in settling down in the forums.



Maybe add this link to flagging
Flags 🏳 and How to Use Them 🤓


added to the reporting section and in the links post !